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2021 election: Jay Snyder challenges incumbent James Rowley for Onondaga County Legislature seat

Democrat Jay Snyder challenges incumbent Republican James Rowley in the Onondaga County Legislative Assembly District 2 race on November 2.

The 2nd district includes Liverpool and Clay.

Rowley was elected in 2018. By early October, he had more than $ 12,000 in his campaign fundraising account, state records show.

Snyder filed his latest case in July and showed no activity in his campaign account.

County legislators serve two-year terms. Their current salary is $ 31,573. The proposed salary for next year (contained in the proposed budget for 2022) is $ 33,477. Election day is November 2.

We asked the candidates to provide information about themselves and answer this question: What is the most pressing concern for residents of your district and how, as the legislator of Onondaga County, would you approach the problem ?

Jay B. Snyder

Age: 53

Address: Bayberry

Party: Democrat, Working Families

To live: Former English teacher. Now medical receptionist and fiber artist.

What is the most pressing concern for the residents of your district and how, as the Onondaga County legislator, would you approach the issue?

I believe that a pressing concern for the residents of my neighborhood is employment. Although new jobs are setting up, they are largely associated with outside companies. We need to encourage local entrepreneurs and businesses to create local jobs.

One way to do that would be tax assistance for them rather than for the big corporations.

A related concern is ownership of the Great Northern Mall as tenants move out. I think this particular property could be used as an incubator for local businesses and / or as a potential location for a combined residential and work complex. Obviously, since this is private property, it should be discussed with the owner.

James j rowley

Age: 60

Address: 4255 Mayfair Circle, Liverpool, New York

Party: Republican, Conservative, Veterans

To live: Former Supervisor of Town of Clay. Former Chief Financial Officer of Onondaga County. Currently Deputy Superintendent of Finance in the Oneida City School District

What is the most pressing concern for the residents of your district and how, as the Onondaga County legislator, would you approach the issue?

We have a unique opportunity to bring a computer chip manufacturing / research business to the town of Clay. This will involve the federal government, states, and counties working together on an important set of incentives, and I’m sure any proposed package will be of concern to my constituents. I am convinced that the long term benefits to the community will outweigh the costs of the incentives.

While we have a great opportunity to grow our economy with a chipmaker based in the region, an inflationary drag is negatively affecting our community right now. I hear my constituents complain about the higher costs of fuel, food and utilities. The state-imposed minimum wage increase to $ 13.20 an hour will increase the cost of doing business locally and further fuel inflation.

An ironic aspect of the pandemic is that many local governments and school districts experienced surpluses in 2020. At the county level, we predicted the worst and experienced a major turnaround. We are currently forecasting a record surplus in 2021 as well. At a minimum, I will advocate for a reduction in tax levies in the 2022 budget to offset the tax increase we passed in 2021 and provide some relief from the inflationary pressures suffered. I will also endeavor to limit the scope of county government to ensure that we do not expand government beyond our community’s ability to pay for it.

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