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ACC Women’s Level 2 Coaching Course Starts Today – Pakistan

LAHORE: Six Pakistani women’s internationals are among the 24 participants who have signed up for the ACC’s six-day Level 2 Women’s Coaching Course, to be held at the National High Performance Center in Lahore from September 12-17.

Pakistan international players include Ayesha Zafar (29 ODIs, 20 T20Is), Iram Javed (21 ODIs, 51 T20Is), Nahida Bibi (66 ODIs, 54 T20Is), Nashra Sundhu (49 ODIs, 28 T20Is), Natalia Pervaiz (three ODIs , 11 T20I) and Sidra Amin (48 ODI, 25 T20I). Farah Naeem, Saira Iftikhar, Samina Bibi and Shehla Bibi are other participants from Pakistan.

Other course participants include representatives from Bahrain, Bhutan (two), Hong Kong (two), Iran, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nepal (two), Maldives, Qatar (two) and from Singapore.

Level 2 course participants will learn advanced coaching skills which include batting, bowling, pitching and wicket holding. It also includes work on communication skills, mental and physical strength, planning and creating quality learning environments that help players take things to the next level.

The course will be led by National High Performance Center Coaches Mauhtashim Rashid, Mohsin Kamal, Rahat Abbas Asadi and it will be led by Shahid Aslam. At the end of the course, participants will have three months to complete their assignments. Successful participants will receive Level 2 Coaching Certificates.

Participants of the ACC Level 2 Female Coaching Course include: Ayesha Zafar (Pakistan), Dechen Wangmo (Bhutan), Deepika Rasangika (Bahrain), Elnaz Parvin (Iran), Emylia Eliani Binti Md Rahim (Malaysia), Farah Naeem (Pakistan), Iram Javed (Pakistan), Janaki Bhatt (Nepal), Kary Chan (Hong Kong), Khadija Khalil (Kuwait), Mariyam Zoona (Maldives), Nahida Bibi (Pakistan), Nashra Sundhu (Pakistan), Natalia Pervaiz (Pakistan), Rochelle Sherlene Quyn (Qatar), Saira Iftikhar (Pakistan), Samina Bibi (Pakistan), Shafina Mahesh (Singapore), Shahreen Nawab (Qatar), Shehla Bibi (Pakistan), Sidra Amin (Pakistan), Sobha Ale (Nepal), Tammy Chu (Hong Kong) and Yeshey Choden (Bhutan).

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