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Acquia Announces Major Updates to Acquia Code Studio

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Digital experience company Acquia today announced major updates to Acquia Code Studio, the industry’s only full-stack Drupal development platform. Part of the Acquia Digital Experience Platform (DXP), Acquia Code Studio provides developers with the tools to plan, build, review, test, deploy, and measure their Drupal applications. By owning and automating repetitive tasks, Acquia Code Studio helps developers stay focused on innovation. New updates integrate Code Studio with the Acquia Cloud Platform user interface, reducing effort during provisioning and configuration processes.

“The typical Drupal development workflow can be labor intensive for setup and maintenance, but Acquia Code Studio automates many of these steps,” said Dries Buytaert, creator and co-founder of Drupal and CTO of Acquia. . “This allows developers to start writing code, in an optimized workflow, from day one. Going forward, it continues to automate common tasks, such as checking for updates and dependencies, to ensure developers can spend more time building and less time maintaining.

Improved integration with Acquia Cloud in latest release unlocks new features for Code Studio users. Developers can now manage their Code Studio seats from the platform in a user management screen, assign Acquia account users to their Code Studio seats, assign and set roles for their users, and unassign and reassign seats. Additionally, developers can automatically provision Code Studio projects from the platform’s user interface and see links on their Acquia Cloud environments to the corresponding branch in Code Studio.

Some of the key features of Acquia Code Studio include:

  • AutoDevOps: Automatically build, test, and deploy Drupal applications with continuous integration pipelines managed by Acquia Code Studio. Drupal applications will inherit Acquia’s configurable build pipeline, which will install dependencies, analyze and test your code, create a review environment, and when ready, deploy directly to production.
  • Automatic updates: Automatically updates Composer packages, replaces outdated custom code, and submits these changes for users to review in a merge request with a dedicated review environment. Once ready, users can merge the changes with a single click and the Acquia pipeline will push it into production.
  • Powered by GitLab: In partnership with GitLab, Acquia hosts and manages a custom version of GitLab for Drupal and Acquia developers on the company’s next-generation infrastructure. Specialized Drupal features on GitLab provide the best possible tools for Drupal development, in a 100% cloud-based development workflow.

To learn more about Acquia Code Studio, see the following resources:

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