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Action Target Develops Innovative Solutions for US Air Force Training Center Using Autotarget™ Product Line

PROVO, Utah–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Target Action Inc., the world leader in modern live-fire ranges has announced an innovative new software platform designed for the AutoTarget™ product line. The new platform allows customization of qualifying ranges and incorporates automatic real-time scoring using innovative HitSync™ target technology.

Action Target provides the broadest end-to-end solution for live-fire installations for law enforcement, military, educational and commercial markets worldwide. Action Target generates live-fire solutions that guarantee success and simplify the process for customers considering building new facilities, expanding or improving an existing facility.

The US Air Force Pararescue Schoolhouse at Kirtland AFB (NM) is the final training ground for the 351st Special Warfare Training Squadron. The Pararescue or “PJ” school is one of the longest enlisted military career pipelines. Action Target was selected to develop innovative equipment for new state-of-the-art facilities spanning two firing ranges. These next-generation facilities support the weapons and tactics training portion of operator development.

The first range, a 50-yard 37-position static target line, is revolutionary and a first of its kind for the Air Force, featuring automatic contextual action target targets with real-time automatic scoring using HitSync targets. Additionally, each lane has an individual tablet-based controller hosting a student-driven lane control interface. Students can choose from instructor-provided training exercises stored in the tablet to practice at their own pace. The system provides high-resolution video of the target and measurements for speed, accuracy, split times and other designated pass/fail criteria and eliminates the need to call the range “cold” to verify location shooting. Shooters will appreciate this feature as it allows them to aim their guns in minutes without going down range.

“The ability to perform repetitively and reliably [Courses of Fire] without an instructor at each lane makes training much more efficient,” said Lance McGlocklin of Kardax Solutions.

Range masters have full control over the range through portable or stationary kiosk controls. All shooter data is fed into an after action review suite that helps instructors evaluate and rank each shooter’s performance on every course of fire.

The system allows “Effortless data collection [with] no more handwritten sheet music,” said Gordon Klein, Improve Group.

The second range, a maneuver range, is a first of its kind for the Air Force. Designed for squad-level tactics, this range consists of 30 automatic hit-sensing action targets using long-lasting plastic E-type military silhouettes. The range has three lanes of attack built into a hillside assault environment in natural terrain. Shooters train solo, in teams, or in multiple teams simultaneously using various weapon systems to achieve their objectives. Air Force Special Warfare Operators improve their abilities to fire, move, and communicate while engaged in combat. AutoTargets advanced distance control software allows instructors to be online with students with complete control of the training suite.

“The systems developed and deployed for the U.S. Air Force demonstrate our continued commitment to creating world-class training equipment that meets the needs of modern warfare,” said Kevin Tomaszewski, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ActionTarget.

The range also includes several instruction centers to provide classroom teaching environments. The software generates meaningful after-action review by providing analysis and rankings for shooter and group performance. Action Target is committed to developing innovative end-to-end solutions for live-fire ranges. These new features drive improvements in training and begin to lay the foundation for managing and evaluating shooter performance at every course of fire.

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