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Businesses Need Engineering Education to Make NetOps Successful

EDISON, New Jersey – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –New search commissioned by Opengear covering the UK, US, France and Germany found that almost two-thirds (64%) of network managers, network architects and network engineers reported that their organizations hired dedicated Network Automation Engineers to move into Network Operations (NetOps). However, only a third of respondents said their teams had taken industry training courses to achieve this goal.

NetOps 2.0, the current iteration, incorporates an increasing amount of automation, virtualization, and orchestration to improve the speed and accessibility of networking operations. Nonetheless, despite its growing importance, more than half (53%) of respondents said they need to study NetOps in their personal time.

“The results of our survey show that network engineers are interested in learning more about this new world of NetOps and the benefits of automating the planning, deployment and management of network infrastructure,” said Gary Marks , President of Opengear. “Over two-thirds (67%) of those surveyed said the emergence of NetOps had added value to their role and made their jobs more rewarding. Organizations need to recognize their talent and commitment by providing them with the in-house training they need to take the leap to NetOps.

Highlighting this lack of sophistication, 44% of those surveyed said they needed to learn to program in programming languages ​​like Python, but only 26% said they needed to retrain to get new certifications. The urgency of improving skills has been underscored by the long recruitment cycle that most organizations have to navigate. On average, it takes organizations over four months to successfully recruit for a networking role that requires skills, including working with NetOps. More than half (57%) of respondents say it typically takes their organization four months or more.

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