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Campus Connection: Business Mentorship Makes a Useful Internship for Saint Mary’s University Student | Local

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Brady Lindauer, a junior at Saint Mary’s University, was unsure of what to expect when his Business Intelligence and Analytics professor Michael Ratajczyk suggested he call former student Joe Hettinger ’87, a member of the Business Advisory Council ( BAC) of the university.

On the very first phone call, the two talked for an hour about life and business – and a precious connection, mentorship and friendship formed.

Hettinger quickly shared Lindauer’s resume with several business leaders in Winona, and as a result, Lindauer landed an internship at Merchants Bank. After working full-time at the bank last summer, bank officials asked Lindauer to continue working on a large project part-time this semester. He also receives elective credits towards one of his majors.

Growing up near Chicago, Lindauer did not know Saint Mary’s until he was recruited to play hockey. Besides the chance to play at the college level, he thought the business program looked good, but a visit to the Winona campus sealed the deal. He fell in love with the campus, the general atmosphere and especially the people.

With athletics and classes, the junior is extremely busy and acquires excellent time management and leadership skills by serving as a hockey team captain; take stimulating courses for his double major in finance and business intelligence and analysis; and work 12 hours a week at Merchants Bank, gaining knowledge and experience that will pay dividends after graduation.

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“I loved my internship at Merchants Bank, and it was super beneficial. The culture is great and they treat me very well, ”said Lindauer. “It’s a great learning opportunity, and everyone is going out of their way to help me, including Mr. (Greg) Evans, the CEO, and Stephen Swenson, the bank’s CIO. “

Lindauer thanks his instructors, including Ratajczyk, Matt Klosky and Andrew Scott, for teaching him the skills he needed to be successful during his internship. He thinks they genuinely care about their students and focus on their development, and he was delighted to see the things he learned in the classroom, such as business terminology, in practice at Merchants Bank.

“When I first spoke to Brady, we discussed his resume, his interest in industries and business, his classes and his passion for education and learning,” Hettinger said. “I could see that Brady knew the importance of networking and building his resume, as well as his desire to gain experience in a real situation. He is an impressive young man with a great future ahead of him.

Lindauer and Hettinger continue to connect regularly via texts or phone calls, discussing classes, the importance of leadership, etc. Despite the fact that Hettinger lives in Chicago and the two have busy schedules, they also meet for coffee when Hettinger is in Winona.

Hettinger notes how impressive it is for Lindauer to be named team captain as a junior and underlines the responsibility that comes with it. Lindauer has taken this responsibility to heart and is beginning to play a mentoring role to young players who have just entered the hockey program and to the Saint Mary’s community.

Lindauer greatly appreciates the opportunity to learn from Hettinger and hear his memories of his time on campus. Likewise, Hettinger appreciates the opportunity to help Lindauer navigate the business world. He thinks it’s a great way to give back to the school he loves, and it gave him a great experience in so many ways, including meeting his wife, Ann Marie (Brooks) Hettinger, ’85 .

“The BAC was created to help business students like Brady with curriculum vitae development, mentorship programs, internships, networking with alumni and ultimately possible placement,” added Hettinger.

“The best thing Joe said to me was, ‘Be interested or interesting. Few people are really interesting. Never stop learning. Be curious. Ask the right questions and you will learn more about life, ”said Lindauer. “The highlight of my experience at Saint Mary’s is the relationship aspect – teammates, coaches, students and teachers – and alumni like Joe. These relationships will last a lifetime.

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