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Cloud service provider Bulutistan selects Inspur Information to upgrade its cloud infrastructure

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Inspur Information, a leading provider of IT infrastructure solutions, today announced that it has been selected by Bulutistan, Turkey’s leading cloud service provider and one of the top 5 providers in EMEA , to upgrade the company’s cloud infrastructure. Bulutistan is facing rapid growth in its public cloud services which cannot be accommodated by traditional cloud computing architecture. Inspur Information’s hyperconverged solution based on Inspur’s NF5280M5 server delivers the extreme scalability Bulutistan needs in addition to a 30% reduction in operational costs.

The three-tier architecture of traditional data centers (computing, storage, and networking) is stable and reliable, but it is difficult to expand and requires complex, time-consuming, and difficult-to-manage equipment. It is not suitable for the next generation data center cloudification required by Bulutistan. Instead, the company needed a multi-tenant IT infrastructure platform with maximum capacity and scalability that was also efficient, easy to adjust and manage, and very stable.

Understanding Bulutistan’s requirements for extreme scalability, flexibility and stability, Inspur went through an extensive testing process and identified Nutanix’s distributed storage software as the most effective way to integrate IT and storage. The Inspur hyperconverged solution and NF5280M5 server paired with Nutanix software would enable Bulutistan to move to a custom cloud server platform with comprehensive management analytics that is flexible and allows unlimited expansion as an integrated on-premises solution. This logically simplified architecture is why Bulutistan chose Inspur to upgrade its cloud infrastructure.

Inspur’s one-click database management solution supports multiple file storage services and greatly simplifies system management. Hyperconverged architecture with distributed single-node management delivers excellent performance with high stability and advanced recovery capabilities. The solution can flexibly allocate computing resources between clusters and units without reconfiguring the physical network or external storage. Computer virtualization is achieved through VMware, and network virtualization is achieved through NFV to provide simple and intuitive configuration management tools for resource allocation. Server computing and storage resources can be adjusted based on actual needs for true dynamic, on-demand resource allocation.

The system greatly simplifies the complexity of management and improves operation and maintenance efficiency, resulting in a 30% cost reduction. Modular construction with linear and rapid expansion on demand reduces deployment times to 1/6th of what is typically expected. A highly scalable network interface is provided, further simplifying deployment and reducing operating costs.

This integration reduces operating costs while providing the same reliability and data availability as traditional architectures. Inspur Information offers a complete solution for a virtualization platform, including high availability storage design, data security, and management. The hyperconverged solution developed for Bulutistan integrates a variety of analytics technologies and creates a complete multi-tenant computing platform by combining hyperconvergence, VMware virtualization, NFV and storage.

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