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Colleges Penalize Unvaccinated Students as Delta Rises |

After months of coaxing students with thousands of dollars in prizes – from gift cards and sports tickets to free parking – colleges are starting to punish the unvaccinated.

Institutions began the summer by waving the prospect of scholarships, laptops, game consoles and more in front of students who have been vaccinated against Covid-19. Now, as millions return to campus, hundreds of schools are imposing vaccines and penalizing students who resist without medical or religious reasons.

Students at Quinnipiac University who are not vaccinated will be fined up to $ 200 per week and will lose access to campus Wi-Fi until they get vaccinated. The University of Virginia kicked more than 200 unvaccinated people off its lists before the start of the semester. And Rutgers University, the first university in the United States to impose vaccination on students, threatens to disconnect access to emails and deny campus housing to students who do not comply. Some colleges used similar tactics last year to get students to go through testing procedures.

The tough mandates, which put colleges at the forefront of the country’s new culture war, could help decide when the latest resurgence of the virus will subside – and when the next one will come.

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