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To find a partner, there are dating and marriage platforms like Tinder, QuackQuack, TrulyMadly, and What if you wanted a professional partner? Investor? Co-founder? Mentor? While LinkedIn is considered generic, apps like Lunchclub and are positioned as organized apps. Online networks have opened up more than ever during the pandemic – one million connections and 15-fold growth in 2020 alone, according to the LunchClub app, and professional matchmaking apps are proliferating.

They take advantage of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms to find your best professional match online, prepare yourself, and set up meetings with the right professionals. LunchClub, founded in the United States in 2018, entered India in October 2021 to integrate more than 100,000 users in India by the end of the year.

According to Pritish Nair, Indian Head of Lunchclub, “Based on common interests, values ​​and goals, we at Lunchclub connect a diverse community of members from around the world. Members can register via email and have options to log in based on their personal preferences. . The app facilitates a virtual or in-person meeting for two members. LunchClub’s hyper-relevant connections have created new businesses, partnerships, nonprofits, and lasting professional friendships. “

Originally launched as an invitation-only platform that facilitated in-person meetings, it has now morphed during the pandemic to offer one-on-one video meetings. “Our AI is able to restrict a repository of profiles to connect people in order to have the opportunity to meet someone they would not have met otherwise,” he adds.

Meanwhile, is a Singapore-based, AI-powered, one-to-one professional networking platform that connects professionals, investors, and business leaders. Speaking about adaptation rates on, co-founder Abhishek Sharma says, “We are adding over 16,000 members every month to the community and its growth rate is 20% month over month. Singapore and India. About 60% of the members are active on the platform. “

The app connects users based on their mutual relevance. The user must apply and the algorithm decides whether it is “in” or “out”, removing the “timepass” message. “So a young professional who has virtually no expertise can get a score of four and if the CEO or COO they’re trying to hook up gets a new one based on their experience, their success rate. , its certifications, etc., the algorithm may not connect them, “he said.

Their AI gatekeeper algorithm also rejects pairs if they don’t match. “If both users have similar ratings and are relevant, the app issues a call to action” expressed interest “and the two can connect, either on the app or through the exchange of contact numbers / WhatsApp Paired users get to choose time slots for a meeting. “Once the match is done, our job is over,” Sharma explains.