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Curtis Green is promoted to senior vice president and chief information officer at Atomic Credit Union

JACKSON – Atomic Credit Union is pleased to announce that Curtis Green has been promoted to senior vice president and chief information officer. Curtis started his career at Atomic over 18 years ago, in 2004, and started as a cashier. Over the years he has worked in loans, collections, assisting the IT department, and now Senior Vice President-Chief Information Officer.

“The level of responsibility of his new position, responsible for ensuring the security of our technology applications against malicious intruders, as well as the particular skills and knowledge required to implement this technology throughout the organization, is simply breathtaking ! Curtis has excelled in his work at Atomic and is well deserving of this promotion,” said Atomic Credit Union President and CEO Tom Griffiths.

Curtis was born in Ogden, Utah, where he spent four years of his life. He then moved to Missouri for another four years, until finally landing in Jackson, Ohio. He graduated from Jackson High School in 2001 and decided to continue his studies at DeVry University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Network and Communications Management. Curtis remains in Jackson with his wife, Miranda, and their six children combined, only one of whom is a boy!