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Downtown commercial dominoes fall in part thanks to ongoing multi-family housing construction


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) – The Eastchester consignment store known as In Your Wildest Dreams is moving to F Street. Trivial news, that’s for sure. It’s funny, though, how the movement of a store can set dominoes in motion and make a difference throughout downtown Bakersfield.

A few changes of address, owner, or purpose can put the imagination and business plans on a drastic new path when it comes to a city’s downtown personality.

In Your Wildest Dreams, the quaint little 19th Street consignment store that’s in the process of relocating, is one example. It opens smoothly in a few weeks with the grand opening scheduled for December 3. Owner Dixie Brewer is thrilled.

“We are all excited about the future,” she said. “All the new developers and things that are happening really build it. We have rich people coming downtown to create new retail businesses downtown, new breweries downtown. We have built F Street very well here. We have a strong, solid squad here, so I’m extremely optimistic about downtown.

She worked closely with Bakersfield City Councilor Andrae Gonzales, who at Wednesday’s board meeting was due to ask the board to approve a grant deal for the Business Incentives Plan for the Economic Opportunity Plan for Wildest Dreams – dollar amount not fixed – that will help Brewer’s store get started. -up spending.

Wildest Dreams changes address but no owner. Property owner Tomas del Toro Diaz says the dynamics of Eastchester are changing, in large part because of The Cue, an upscale apartment building which is nearing opening in May 2022.

“We’re trying to create a little something, a new vibe here,” he said. “It was a devastated area and now it’s kind of on the rise. It’s exciting, you know. 18th Street has really transformed and my goal is to transform 19th Street in a way. It’s really exciting. “

Del Toro Diaz says he plans to split the wildest old dreams in half – and among the possibilities is a brewery.

“I would like it to become a neighborhood that looks like maybe the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara,” he said. “Something like that. You know? Anyone can come and have fun.

He is optimistic about the city center. The same goes for the inhabitants of the Sage properties, the promoters of the Cue and another project on the site of the former Sinaloa restaurant, which will also be apartments, which will open in January 2023 – and this office building of 21,000 square feet on 20th and N streets, being marketed by Cushman and Wakefield.

Look for more dominoes to drop in the next month or two. Bakersfield city center is changing.


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