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Facebook Adds More Business-Focused Tools to Digital Information Platform / World

Facebook recently announcement a host of new “personalized experience” features, to help businesses on the platform deliver better customer service overall.

The updates were revealed by a blog post posted on the Facebook for Business website. The social network has always been friendly to businesses large and small, adding sub-platforms such as Facebook Marketplace and Shops, while also implementing options such as standardized messages for customer service. This is all part of Facebook’s attempts to monetize itself further by offering monetization options to its community. Even Instagram allows brands and businesses to sell their products on the platform. WhatsApp has also recently received a number of features specifically integrated to address more businesses. The Facebook company favors healthy businesses on its platform, even though it is staunchly pro-monopoly outside of it.

So what are the features that we look forward to? Well the first one is what’s called a click-to-message ad option. While businesses and the like typically add their contact details to a sponsored post, encouraging users to contact them, click-to-message ads use Facebook’s own AI to add the information itself. The system will detect which form of online messaging is preferred by the brand in question, and announce it to the general public when sponsored of course. In addition, the click-to-message message will also be implemented in WhatsApp, allowing users to add such a button to their Instagram profiles.

Facebook also reveals that it has other plans for Instagram and WhatsApp. Ads are being made for the first one which, when clicked, will bring you to the second in a very convenient way. Another new feature added by Facebook is the ability for a business to ask customers 4-5 questions. This is also a feature that, in addition to helping develop a brand’s exclusion criteria, also removes much of the early chatter that occurs during online transactions.

In another interesting addition to the pages on the platform, Facebook introduced a new Podcast feature! With the medium being as popular as it is now, everyone wants to profit from it. A recent example can be found in the Twitter Spaces, which is a live version of the podcast format. Either way, your personal pages can now display podcasts there, all compiled under a new tab on the page itself.

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