Bismajeur Fri, 26 Nov 2021 22:37:42 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Bismajeur 32 32 University of Southern Alabama’s new student housing complex to arrive next fall Fri, 26 Nov 2021 20:09:00 +0000

A new student housing complex is coming to southern Alabama next year.

Ivy Row in South will become one of Mobile’s newest complexes next fall, according to a press release from management company Campus Advantage. Ivy Row at South will be located at 6636 Old Shell Road, adjacent to the University of South Alabama Intramural Fields.

The resort will feature country homes ranging from three to five bedrooms, according to the resort’s website. Prices will start at $ 749 per room.

Find out more about student accommodation:

  • Alabama renames residence of Montgomery bus boycott hero
  • University of Alabama hometown Tuscaloosa maintains ban on building student housing

The three floor plans are named after the iconic streets of Mobile, Azalea, Dauphin and Ziegler, respectively.

“In the fall of 2022, US students will experience a real home away from home in college in beautiful cottages with modern amenities,” the resort announced in October on its Facebook page.

A sample of these amenities include:

  • A kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite counters
  • A back porch
  • A common area with a bathroom
  • A washer and dryer in the unit

When complete, Ivy Row in South will feature 186 beds throughout the property, which will also include a swimming pool, study lounge with private bedrooms, a dog park and more.

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Decoupling is the last thing on business leaders Fri, 26 Nov 2021 14:49:29 +0000

IF YOU WANT To understand how Asia’s view of the world order has changed, consider the remarks of Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore. When asked recently if China is on the rise and the United States is on the decline, he responded in a nuanced manner: “If you are looking at the long term, you really have to bet America is going. will recover from everything she does. Across the region, businesses and politicians are adjusting to a new geopolitical reality, as was evident at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore last week.

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Designed to be more useful than Davos, less utopian than COP26 and less forested than the Boao Chinese Forum, the summit brings together some of the personalities who have built Sino-U.S. Ties over the past decades, as well as bosses and investors responsible for more than $ 20 billion in market value. Amidst hygienically controlled flesh pressing and incessant nasal swabbing, you might get a feel for the tensions between the world’s two largest economies. It was clear that the calls to divide them into two camps are totally unrealistic.

Asia is important because of its size, with 36% of the world’s population GDP, 31% of its market capitalization and 11% of the turnover of S&P 500 companies. The region is expected to grow faster than the rest of the world. This is also where the struggle between America and China is openly played out, with the two systems competing side by side. China dominates trade. Of the top 20 Asian economies, 15 have China as their main goods trading partner. Yet most countries rely on America as well. In many cases, this is their defense partner, and the dollar is the currency in which most Asian trade and capital flows take place (unlike Europe, which has the euro).

Balancing the region has become more difficult as America and China have turned in on themselves, in part in response to the perceived shortcomings of free-wheeling global capitalism. A widely held view is that the US system of government has been permanently altered by cronyism and populism. As a result, his promises are taken less seriously. Gina Raimondo, the secretary of commerce, said America will launch a new Asian economic “framework” in 2022 (she has not joined CPTPP, a regional free trade agreement). His proposal was greeted only politely, given the protectionism of the Biden administration and the risk of Donald Trump winning the election in 2024.

China has also become unpredictable. Most executives and officials are optimistic about the crisis at Evergrande, a real estate company. They believe that Chinese technocrats are in control and can avoid a systemic financial crisis. Many sympathize with China’s antitrust crackdown on big tech. But there is deep unease over Xi Jinping’s totalitarian impulses and his broader assault on business. While previously well-connected foreigners would have been reassured by Chinese economic reformers in private meetings, now they have to make do with staid video calls monitored by the Communist Party. The links are fraying even within companies. One of the founders of an Asian business with a Chinese parent company has not met the owners for two years. Few people expect China to reopen its borders before the Party Congress at the end of 2022, and even then only if the people have received better vaccines.

One response to estrangement is separation. The Trumpian right and the progressive left of the United States would like their country to be more self-sufficient, while Mr. Xi’s “dual circulation” campaign aims to produce more goods at home. There are signs on the ground that Asia’s investment models are changing and becoming less focused on Greater China. India’s largest company, Tata Group, is investing in the production of electric vehicles and home batteries. November 9 TSMC, the world’s largest semiconductor company, has announced that it will build a new plant in Japan in cooperation with Sony. Most banks are reluctant to expand in turbulent Hong Kong.

But the big picture is still one of intense interdependence. China holds 75% of the world’s battery manufacturing capacity. Even after his new investments, TSMC will have more than 80% of its factory in Taiwan, which China claims as its territory. The impossibility of decoupling between Asia and China is highlighted by a tech boss who estimates that 80% of goods sold on Southeast Asia’s booming e-commerce platforms come from China. Middle Kingdom. If multinational companies were to spend as they do today, it would take 16 years for them to replace the accumulated stock of cross-border investments in Asia. Even if they could, few companies want to leave the Chinese economy.

As you might expect, most companies want to be geopolitical hybrids that hedge their bets. Singapore companies are leading the way. DBS The bank has a third of its deposits in dollars and is expanding into India and China. Temasek and GIC, two sovereign wealth funds, have about a third of their combined assets in America and a fifth in China. SGX, the stock exchange, is integrated into Western markets but achieves about a fifth of its activity with Chinese investors. American and Chinese companies are adopting Singaporean dexterity. TikTok, an application belonging to ByteDance, a Chinese firm, has an army of staff in Singapore: the idea is to show that it is independent from the Chinese state. Jamie Dimon, boss of JPMorgan Chase, just visited Hong Kong and said he was “not influenced by geopolitical winds”: the bank has increased its exposure to greater China by 9% since 2019, to 26.5 billions of dollars. On November 24, he apologized for joking that the bank would outlive the Chinese Communist Party.

Test time

If the worst relationship between China and America in decades hasn’t caused decoupling in Asia, what could? The showdown could escalate further, but both sides seem keen to avoid that for now. Wang Qishan, Chinese Vice President, said that “isolation leads to delay.” Regulatory and technological changes could eventually end US dominance in finance and drag Asia more firmly into China’s orbit. One boss believes that the opening of China’s capital markets will ultimately have as many consequences for finance as its membership of the World Trade Organization in 2001 was for trade. But for now, investors and businesses, along with Singapore’s prime ministers, face years of caution straddling the divide.

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This article appeared in the Business section of the print edition under the headline “En flesh et en os”

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Kennedy class offers business training to students | News, Sports, Jobs Fri, 26 Nov 2021 06:16:52 +0000

Staff Photo / Allie Vugrincic John F. Kennedy High School Seniors Austin Kovalik, 18, left, and Nick Vassis, 18; Professor Matthew Green; and Michael Rieger, 17, makes a poster-sized number grid for a client during the entrepreneurship class. In the classroom, students design, manufacture, and sell products, interact with real customers, and manage money.

WARREN – When students in the entrepreneurship class at John F. Kennedy High School take product orders, they’re dealing with real customers and real money, and working under real deadlines.

“I think it’s different” said Roman Young, 17. “You don’t go to too many high schools where students learn to manage their money. “

Students in the class design products ranging from posters and signs to t-shirts, poker chips, and cutting boards, and then make the products using a large laser printer, laser engraver, and a t-shirt press.

Aidan Rossi, 16, a junior, who has worked hard this year to design and laser print trivets, said part of the course is figuring out the cost of materials and how much to charge for finished products in order to achieve a profit.

Plus, students must meet deadlines for their orders – a trivet takes 25 to 30 minutes to burn, depending on the design, Rossi said.

Students are also expected to correspond with customers, send designs back and forth, and notify them when orders are ready. Money earned on sales goes back to the class account for future projects.

Young, who is taking the course for the second time, said he liked the course both for its creative aspects and because it teaches students how to run a business and talk to customers. One of his recent favorite projects was to create a banner for Reverend Christopher Cicero at the Blessed Sacrament.

“I think it’s a good introduction to all the different aspects of business” said Professor Matthew Green, who led the class for two years.

He said that while courses like economics might “locker” students in one field of study, Kennedy’s Entrepreneurship class enables students to find the aspect of business that interests them most.

The students work in the Think Lab, a former library that has become a technological hub. In addition to the tools most often used by the entrepreneurship class, the space has a green screen, interactive whiteboard, and large TV, among other things.

School principal Alyse Consiglio, who has led efforts to both convert the library and launch the entrepreneurship course, said the course is “practice”.

“We have a lot of small business owners in Kennedy,” said Consiglio. “We wanted to give their children a way to learn business. “

She said that she and Green are “Self-taught” and I learned with the students.

“They see us as lifelong learners”, said Consiglio.

Green said his favorite thing about the class was seeing students’ creativity and the way it manifested itself in the form of real products.

“I think they really like seeing this physical product and seeing that people really want to buy it,” said Vert.

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Black Friday 2021: what is open, what is closed on Friday? Banks, UPS, mail delivery, stock exchanges, shopping malls, stores Thu, 25 Nov 2021 21:00:00 +0000

Black Friday 2021 is Friday November 26.

It’s an annual shopping event that takes place the day after Thanksgiving. The first recorded use of the term “Black Friday” dates back to 1869, when the US gold market collapsed.

According to, Philadelphia Police used the term in the 1950s to describe how chaotic the day after Thanksgiving would become due to the crowds that gathered for Saturday football games. Shoplifters took advantage of the chaos and police were forced to work extra shifts.

Black Friday was not viewed positively until the late 1980s, when retailers found a way to reinvent the term, which led to a dedicated, albeit chaotic, shopping day.

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s open and what’s closed on Black Friday 2021.

Is Black Friday a Federal Holiday? Is Black Friday a public holiday?

Black Friday is neither a federal holiday nor a state holiday. There are two federal holidays in November: Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.

Federal courts in New Jersey, however, will be closed black friday.

Is there mail delivery on Black Friday 2021? Will the mail go through?

It will be regularly scheduled mail delivery, as well as FedEx and UPS, black friday. The only exception is FedEx Freight, which is closed. FedEx Express also operates on a modified schedule.

Is the post office open on Black Friday 2021?

United States Postal Service the offices will be open.

Are the stock exchanges open on Black Friday 2021?

The exchanges will be open on Black Friday. This includes the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq markets.

Are New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission locations open on Black Friday 2021?

All Motor Vehicle Commission the offices will be open. In addition, all offices and courts in the State of New Jersey are open for the holidays.

Online processing of certain documents is available at Motor Vehicle Commission website.

Are banks open on Black Friday?

All banks are open on Black Friday.

Do NJ Transit, PATH and SEPTA operate on a regular schedule?

New Jersey Transit, PATH and SEPTA will operate on normal schedules. For NJ Transit, passengers must use NJ Transit Online Trip Planner to check arrival and departure times.

Are the restaurants open on Black Friday 2021?

Most restaurants will be open and some may have special offers. Customers should check with specific restaurants for information.

When do stores open on Black Friday 2021?

Most stores will be open on Black Friday, and some may open very early so shoppers can take advantage of the sales.

Here’s a look at the main store opening hours for Black Friday 2021, according to their websites, Good Housekeeping and DetailMeNot.

Note: Buyers should ultimately check with their local store if times vary by location.

Are there Black Friday 2021 sales?

Most stores will have ongoing sales for Black Friday 2021 throughout the day, and in some cases there will be huge deals on hot products.

When it comes to online shopping, we’ve scoured the internet and found plenty of Black Friday 2021 deals. Here are some of the bigger ones:

When is the next federal holiday?

The next federal holiday is Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25.

For more information on the history of Black Friday, watch the video below:

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These student coders win IBM’s top prize of $ 200,000 Thu, 25 Nov 2021 07:49:00 +0000 During a trip to their village of Yellapur in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka last December, Hrishikesh Bhandari’s mother fell seriously ill. Doctors from their home in Goa told the family that the high level of arsenic in the village’s well water triggered an acute immune response in his body.
Hrishikesh, a data science student at IIT-Madras, wanted to get to the root of the problem. He shared his concerns with four friends he had met at an Atal Tinkering Labs event. One of them, Satyam Prakash, is also his teammate at IIT-Madras. Then there’s Manikanta Chavvakula, a business analysis student at Flame University, Jay Aherkar, a pre-university student, and Sanket Marathe, who is studying data science in Goa.

Together, they reflected. They found that nearly 50% of the world’s population still depends on groundwater, and a third still lack access to safe drinking water. “We also realized that there is no mechanism to continuously check the quality of groundwater. We wanted to find a solution that would keep all stakeholders informed about the quality of the water, ”says Hrishikesh.
It was around this time that IBM organized its global Call for Code program, one of the largest “tech for good” initiatives. The five friends immediately jumped in. Over the next seven months, they built an AI-IoT platform called Saaf Water, which won the top prize in the $ 200,000 competition.
The team has developed a complete product suite consisting of a cellular hardware component and a software platform that primarily runs on IBM Cloud and IBM Watson IoT services. While Hrishikesh is responsible for the overall management of the project and software work, Satyam takes care of the hardware component.
The hardware is a plug-and-play device equipped with sensors that check parameters such as the pH value of the water, total dissolved salts (TDS), turbidity and temperature. “Any local plumber can install it at the water source. It just needs a power supply, ”explains Satyam. The microcontroller in the box relays the data from the sensors to the cloud and the Watson IoT service, where it is processed. The box is designed to work even on 2G bandwidth.
“Behind the scenes, our algorithms check past data from that particular water source, other groundwater datasets, and then look for patterns. For example, the algorithms will look for TDS, electrical conductivity, temperature and other derived parameters, and can predict whether there is a presence of heavy metals, ”Hrishikesh explains.
The solution does not replace testing. The device may periodically update the local administration, so that it knows which water source to test.
A visual indicator is also integrated into the hardware. If the water quality is very poor, the device will display a red signal. “This even allows a user without a mobile connection or without access to the Saaf Water dashboard to know the quality of the water,” explains Satyam.
The team hosted Saaf Water on the open source platform GitHub and are looking to build a community around it.

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EXCLUSIVE Dyson Drops Malaysian Supplier ATA Due to Labor Issues Thu, 25 Nov 2021 05:47:00 +0000
  • Workplace audit, whistleblower allegations leading to dismissal
  • ATA already under US investigation into labor practices
  • ATA shares dip 30% to lowest since April 2020

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov. 25 (Reuters) – High-tech home appliance maker Dyson Ltd told Reuters it severed ties with ATA supplier IMS Bhd (ATAI.KL) following an audit of Malaysian company labor practices and a whistleblower’s allegations, sending ATA shares plunging.

ATA, which is already the subject of an investigation by the United States into allegations of forced labor, has confirmed that Dyson has terminated its contracts and that it is in discussions with its client about the findings of the audit .

Shares of ATA, which makes parts for Dyson vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, fell 30% to their lowest level since April 2020 after the Reuters report. According to ATA, Dyson accounts for nearly 80% of its revenue.

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The termination is also a blow to Malaysia, a major electronics manufacturing hub that has come under scrutiny this year over allegations that migrant workers are subjected to harsh working conditions and conditions. abusive life.

Dyson, privately owned by British billionaire James Dyson, said it received the results of an audit of working conditions at ATA in early October. He said he learned of the allegations of a whistleblower at an ATA factory in September and tasked a law firm to investigate the allegations.

“Despite intense engagement over the past six weeks, we haven’t seen enough progress and have already phased out some production lines,” Singapore-based Dyson said in response to questions from Reuters. “We have now ended our relationship on six months’ contractual notice. We hope this will give ATA the momentum to improve and allow for an orderly exit in the interests of the workers they employ.”

In May, ATA denied allegations of forced labor at its factories after a prominent human rights activist said U.S. authorities would review the company’s labor practices.

The activist, Andy Hall, shared a letter that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sent him informing them that they had agreed to investigate an ATA unit after reporting complaints received of workers.

CBP has banned six Malaysian companies in the past two years from selling their products in the United States after finding evidence of forced labor.

In July, the US State Department put Malaysia on a list with more than a dozen countries, including China and North Korea, saying it had not made progress in eliminating trafficking. workers.


Foreigners constitute a significant part of the Malaysian workforce. Most migrant workers in Malaysia come from Bangladesh and Nepal and are employed in factories, plantations and construction sites.

More than half of ATA’s 8,032 employees are foreigners, according to the company’s latest annual report.

ATA posted record revenue and profits for the fiscal year ended March 2021, as lockdowns induced by COVID-19 boosted demand for home appliances such as Dyson’s upright vacuum.

Dyson dismissed allegations earlier this year about excessive hours and cramped living conditions for ATA workers, citing several previous audits that he said had found no issues in his supply chain.

Activist Hall said Dyson’s decision to end the relationship would have huge implications for the thousands of workers employed at ATA and that Dyson should remedy the ATA workers.

The Malaysian government must also take some responsibility, Hall added, saying he has filed several complaints with the government over the past year about the ATA.

Malaysia’s labor department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Social audits – the primary form of due diligence conducted by the world’s biggest brands – are meant to monitor labor and other ethical standards in the supply chain. However, critics say some companies have turned into a superficial exercise in checkboxes.

Dyson said the recent audit results he received in October were from a “full” audit that interviewed more than 2,000 ATA staff.

He did not disclose the findings of the audit.

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Reporting by A. Ananthalakshmi; additional reports from Liz Lee; Editing by Lincoln Feast.

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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Indian Navy to commission Scorpene-class submarine INS Vela on Thursday Wed, 24 Nov 2021 21:35:00 +0000

The Indian Navy said on Wednesday it would commission the INS Vela, its fourth Scorpene-class stealth submarine under Project 75, on Thursday, an induction that will boost its combat capability.

Project 75 involves the construction of six Scorpene-designed submarines. Three of these submarines – Kalvari, Khanderi, Karanj – have already been put into service. The Indian Navy’s fourth Scorpene-class stealth submarine, INS Vela, is expected to enter service on November 25, 2021, the Navy said in a statement. The submarine was built by Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd, based in Mumbai, in collaboration with M / s Naval Group of France.

The previous INS Vela avatar was commissioned on August 31, 1973, and it served the nation great service for 37 eventful years before being decommissioned on June 25, 2010.

The new “Vela” is a powerful man of war and is capable of offensive operations spanning the full spectrum of maritime warfare, the statement said. The induction of the submarine greatly consolidates the Indian Navy’s position as a yard navy and adds sharpness and strength to its combat capability, he added. The Indian Navy’s stealth guided missile destroyer Visakhapatnam was commissioned in Mumbai on Sunday. The native-built warship is filled with an array of anti-submarine missiles and rockets.

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Invent Penn State location helps kick-start determined alumni startup Wed, 24 Nov 2021 01:19:04 +0000

“As we moved into the new building, Penn State Shenango and the Town of Hermitage were great to us and helped us through the process with various grants and opportunities for us to talk about and market our business.” , said Izzo. “When they heard that we would be graduating from the innovation hub and were looking for a place, everyone in the city that we came into contact with was trying to help us find a place. It was a very good transition. “

When the company was originally working from VenturePointe, one of the 21 innovation spaces in the Invent Penn State LaunchBox & Innovation Hub network, Masters and Izzo leveraged its free services and resources to help the business. to develop. This included taking advantage of networking opportunities, expert speaker sessions, and the Penn State Law Clinic, which helped them start an LLC.

“I recognized from the start the passion that Ali and Holly had when they started formulating their business ideas for Purpose Therapy Box,” said Georgia Macris, coordinator of VenturePointe. “I served as the liaison and facilitator for them to set up in our Penn State Shenango VenturePointe innovation center, and this is where they worked for several years to utilize the resources of Penn State Invent. . We are very proud of Penn State Shenango for their continued efforts and growth. “

In addition to VenturePointe resources, Purpose Therapy Box utilized the Northwest Pennsylvania Innovation Beehive Network, a formalized collaborative agreement between Penn State Behrend and Innovation Commons, neighboring universities, and the Erie County Public Library that offers an extensive range of free services to entrepreneurs and businesses. This network has helped Purpose Therapy Box with their logo, website, and other marketing needs.

Purpose Therapy Box has also benefited from additional resources from Penn State’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, including the Inc.U competition. The company won $ 15,000 in funding in 2019 as part of the Shark Tank style pitch competition. This was the first-ever winner of a Penn State Commonwealth campus competition.

At the 2019 Invent Penn State Venture & IP conference, Izzo introduced the company to industry advisors and venture capitalists from across the country. The company received $ 2,000 to help it move forward.

“As soon as you get into the VenturePointe system, it’s a huge network,” Masters said. “If we ever had a question, we could reach out and someone could help us. There are always people ready to help and listen to what we are trying to accomplish.

About Invent Penn State

Invent Penn State is a Commonwealth initiative aimed at stimulating the economic development, job creation and career success of students.

The Invent Penn State LaunchBox & Innovation Hub network is made up of 21 innovation spaces integrated into the communities of the Penn State campus offering a free co-working space, a makerspace, acceleration programs, pitch competitions, speaker series, access to experts and mentors, and legal and intellectual property advice through Penn State Law clinics. Five years after its opening, the Invent Penn State LaunchBox & Innovation Hub network has supported 3,325 community entrepreneurs, created 194.5 jobs and helped start 164 new businesses in Pennsylvania. Donations to support the network, as well as certain economic development initiatives across the Commonwealth, are a priority of the University’s current fundraising campaign, “A Greater Penn State for 21st Century Excellence”.

For more information on how to gift and get correspondence before the campaign ends on June 30, 2022, please contact Heather Winfield at Information about the campaign is available at

To find a location near you, visit

To see more Penn State affiliated startups, visit Entrepreneurs looking for resources can visit

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TJ Finley and Derick Hall show their reverence to Pat Dye ahead of Iron Bowl Tue, 23 Nov 2021 21:57:00 +0000

Auburn starting quarterback TJ Finley and linebacker Derick Hall met reporters on Tuesday via Zoom while previewing the 86th Iron Bowl. The Tigers (6-5, 3-4) hope to end their first three-game losing streak since 2012, which ended Gene Chizik’s four-year tenure with the program.

Alabama (10-1, 7-1) make it to the SEC Championship Game no matter what happens at 2:30 p.m. Saturday on CBS. Finley, Hall and the rest of the Tigers can’t stop Alabama from making the trip to Atlanta and playing against No.1 Georgia. However, a win at Auburn could knock the Crimson Tide out of the college football playoffs. Finley looked ready to challenge a tough Bama team.

“I am calm and stable,” Finley said. “I like to live up to the occasion and things like that. At the same time, it starts with preparation, and I think as long as we prepare well, no matter how big the crowd is or whatever, what Alabama does, I think we’ll be fine.

Read more Auburn Football: Iron Bowl “one of the reasons” Bryan Harsin wanted to coach at Auburn

Two years after his Iron Bowl moment, Zakoby McClain is still running

Finding the birthplace of the Iron Bowl at a busy Birmingham intersection

Hall is 1-1 in Iron Bowls. He was part of the 2019 squad that beat No.5 Bama 48-45 at Jordan-Hare. The defeat knocked Bama out of the CFP for the first time since the 2014 playoffs were created.

It also marked Alabama’s first time with two or more losses in the regular season since the 2010 season, when Auburn also beat Alabama in the Iron Bowl 28-27 at Bryant-Denny.

“I started this game. Really big, awesome, we got the job done. We won it, ”Hall told reporters. “You know, just having the fans and the team and the coaches and the whole Auburn family rushing out onto the pitch and celebrating together, I think it was pretty good to feel that vibe and bring everyone together. world after a victory like this. “

Auburn lost last year’s Iron Bowl as Finley wrapped up a season at LSU. Bama vs. LSU is a big deal; however, this is not the iron bowl.

“Here in Auburn, it’s an Iron Bowl. At LSU it’s just a rivalry game, but here it’s something much more special, ”Finley said. Being a part of it is an amazing experience. At LSU, I never paid attention to the schedules, traditions and rituals of other teams. When I came here and discovered the Iron Bowl, I was quite shocked that this game was so special. Just being able to get started in this game is an amazing experience, and I can’t wait. “

According to the school’s website, Finley is a business student, but the Iron Bowl encourages him to become a historian. Finley arrived in Auburn after last June when Auburn legend Pat Dye passed away. Louisana’s sophomore quickly learns of Dye’s legacy.

“I didn’t know anything about the Iron Bowl. Like I said earlier, I walked in and being freshman at Auburn again – being a new face – I had to do some research on that, ”Finley said. “I did some research and was told a few hours ago that Pat Dye had fought for the Iron Bowl to be moved from Birmingham – to be played at Auburn every two years and things like that. nature.”

Auburn is 10-5 at the Iron Bowls played at Jordan-Hare, the first being the 1989 game where Auburn beat an undefeated Alabama team.

“This is the first Iron Bowl here without him being with us,” Finley said. “It’s special – especially for some of our fans and the players who were there when he was here. It adds to that, it makes him even more special and even more a more important game.”

Hall has met Dye a few times. He told reporters about several conversations with the former coach and athletic director.

“Coach Dye, when I got into first grade he and I talked a lot. We talked a lot again last year, but obviously God called it home. Hall said. “So he’s in a better place now, but just the conversations we’ve had, he’s obviously – I mean, the guy for Auburn. Auburn loved him, and he loved Auburn, so it’s going to be pretty hard not to have him on the sidelines this year, but you know, it’s something we can hope and do for him.

Auburn is a 21-point underdog on most sports betting. The Tigers have lost a 28-3 lead over Mississippi State and a 14-point lead over South Carolina in straight weeks.

The offense was unable to score a touchdown against Texas A&M before losses to the Bulldogs and Gamecocks. As gruesome as the past three weeks have been for Auburn, a win over Alabama changes the outlook for the season with an opportunity to honor a legend.

“But I mean, Coach Dye, he’s the heart and soul of Auburn football,” Hall said. We miss him a lot, but the world goes on and it’s in a better place, so we have to keep moving forward.

Nubyjas Wilborn covers Auburn for Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter @ nwilborn19.

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Growth and business structure puts cannabis producer Trulieve on the right track Tue, 23 Nov 2021 10:56:00 +0000

At first glance, it seems repetitive to say that every company in the cannabis industry is waiting for federal legislation in the United States that will legalize marijuana. But it’s the only show in town when it comes to this area. So much depends on it. And the fate of so many companies will be determined by their fate once this mega market opens up.

This is why so many investors are very attentive to the positioning of these companies in order to take advantage of the game-changing opportunity when it presents itself. And the clock is ticking louder and louder as this eventuality draws closer.

One company that seems well prepared is Trulieve (OTC 🙂 (CSE :). The Florida-based cannabis producer has shown steady growth and has a good corporate structure.

Shares of Trulieve peaked on news of its latest, released last week, hitting a recent high of $ 33.61. But they have since retreated somewhat, closing yesterday at $ 27.40, down about 5.5% on the day.

Yet over the past year, the stock has gained over 16.5%. That’s an impressive move in a tough market that could see big winners down the road.

Here’s what makes Trulieve rule:

Let’s take a look at its growth first.

Last week, the company unveiled its latest quarterly profit, which posted a 64% year-over-year revenue gain. That figure now stands at $ 224.1 million. The gain exceeded analysts’ expectations.

The company’s gross profit also made substantial gains, jumping 68.7% to $ 153.9 million for the most recent quarter ended September 30. This is up from $ 102.2 million in the same quarter last year.

Its profit also jumped 7% to $ 18.6 million for the quarter, despite a one-time write-down in transition costs of $ 16.4 million.

Now let’s take a look at the structure of the company.

The company is one of the few US-based jar companies to be vertically integrated, which means it controls the entire process, from growing to marketing what consumers buy. It is also a multistate operator. This allowed the business to grow steadily where it could. And that’s exactly what he managed to do. Today, it is the largest cannabis retailer in the United States.

Trulieve left its roots as a medical marijuana business and branched out to take a leading role in the leisure market.

It also develops in other ways. Last month, he finalized his $ 2.1 billion purchase of Harvest Health and Recreation, a medical marijuana company. That’s where its recent one-time $ 16.4 million depreciation comes in.

But the new acquisition is already growing. In the last quarter, Trulieve opened 13 new dispensaries under the Harvest banner. Together, they operate 155 stores and 3.5 million square feet of grow space.

Vertical integration, like the large Canadian operators, puts Trulieve in a better position to take full advantage of the opportunity to grow when federal legalization takes effect. It is on the verge of being able to control its inventory and expand its retail business.

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