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Former Auckland Chamber of Commerce boss Michael Barnett shocked after teacher was charged with ‘gross misconduct’ for removing pupil’s headphones

The court said Robinson’s actions were likely to have a negative impact on the student’s welfare and could have brought discredit to the teaching profession.

Former Auckland Chamber of Commerce chief executive Michael Barnett told AM on Thursday it shows schools have “lost sight” of what education is.

“I think the question has to be this: the culture that existed in the school, and if that’s the case, have we lost sight of what the school is?

“The director of what the teacher was doing is right. He may have done it the right way. He may need to be told it should have gone differently and he may need to follow a training, but to be subject to a disciplinary process and the cost of that, both the humiliation and the material costs, my mind is over the top.”

Advertising guru Vaughn Davis, who appeared alongside Barnett on the AM panel, said the school let Robinson down.

“I feel like he was maybe a little disappointed in a lot of ways. One, coming in as a respite to a school where the culture seems to be that you can sit down and listen to music, that’s kinda sad,” Davis told AM.

“For the process to go the way it did, I think it’s just a bit of a disappointing end to what is a career that we should be celebrating. We’re running out of teachers, getting more teachers from 72-year-old math back in the classroom.”

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