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Fortress Information Security Announces Strategic Partnership with NetRise to Expand XIoT Offering

This partnership gives Fortress Information Security global customers access to the most advanced firmware binary analysis platform on the planet. The experience of the NetRise team in data science, machine learning; and software reverse engineering greatly expands the ability of Fortress customers to quickly identify and catalog risk across a much broader set of devices and images. NetRise accesses a strong path to market for the power, oil & gas, and manufacturing customers that Fortress serves, a market that has historically proven difficult to tap into.

NetRise has developed an automated, cloud-based platform that provides comprehensive insight into the many risks present in an XIoT device. These risks and associated artifacts are presented in a clear and concise manner that allows consultants, product security personnel, and SOC analysts to take appropriate action and begin addressing the risks presented by these devices in their environment.

Tony TurnVice President of Fortress, said, “We are thrilled to work with the NetRise team and have been very impressed with the capabilities of their platform as a whole. Most impressive is the speed at which new features and fixes were provided, and the team’s flexibility in working to get our ideas into the solution so quickly.We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the NetRise team.

Thomas PaceCEO of NetRise also commented, “This partnership represents an important milestone for our company. Fortress’ team of world-class consultants and operational technology experts have already contributed some great ideas that are continually being incorporated into our roadmaps. This partnership is a perfect example of why it’s so important for tech startups to find the right design partners and the right customers to ensure they’re building a great solution.”

For more information on the NetRise/Fortress Information Security partnership, please email: [email protected].

About Fortress Information Security

Fortress Information Security protects critical industries against cybersecurity and operational threats from suppliers, assets and software in their supply chains. Fortress is the only end-to-end platform that connects intelligence around vendors, IT and operational technology assets, and software through a holistic, fit-for-purpose approach. Fortress has also partnered with its customers and vendors to form the Asset-to-Vendor (A2V) network, which facilitates the secure and transparent exchange of asset information and security intelligence, enabling workflows collaborative to better understand and solve potential problems. Fortress serves critical industries such as energy, government, aerospace and defense, critical manufacturing, industrial automation, automotive and healthcare.

About NetRise

Situated at Austin, TX, NetRise was designed by defensive cyber experts from the private sector, the intelligence community and the US federal government to solve the firmware security problem. The company currently partners with companies in manufacturing, automotive, medical devices, industrial control systems, satellites and many more.

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