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BROOKINGS, SD – With corporate roots in Brookings, Furniture Mart USA has made a financial commitment to First Bank & Trust Arena. Furniture Mart USA, a 45-year-old company, has joined in supporting the new arena project at South Dakota State University.

The Furniture Mart USA showroom will serve as the hospitality space on the east side of First Bank & Trust Arena as part of Furniture Mart USA’s contribution to the project. The area will provide another first-class experience for Jackrabbit fans while keeping spectators close to the action.

Furniture Mart USA founder Bill Hinks developed his business acumen not only by taking classes as a student at South Dakota State University, but also by running a Texaco gas station while on campus. His experience has developed his portfolio in the mobile home sector at Brookings. His next venture eventually led him to his current operation. His first furniture store opened in 1977 in Sioux Falls and the business flourished from there.

Furniture Mart USA now has over 50 stores in a six-state region.

“First Bank & Trust, including Bob and Van Fishback, helped a new furniture business get started and grow quickly,” Hinks said. “We needed a bank and First Bank & Trust was a great support. They helped our business become very successful. The Furniture Mart USA name became well known after a few years of growth.”

Hinks’ time in Sioux Falls allowed him to become a Jackrabbit Athletics supporter over the years. He has always had a passion for basketball and his connection with friends and alumni loyal to South Dakota State has always prevailed since the time his growing professional career began. Additionally, Bill and his wife Carolyn also support the School of Performing Arts. They were honored as Friends of Pride 2022 for their donation to the Pride performance at the upcoming Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The donation to First Bank & Trust Arena provides the name of another South Dakota-founded business that will be on display at the Jackrabbit Athletics home, as well as various other events hosted by SDSU and the Brookings community.

“My biggest memory from Frost Arena was the people and the tremendous growth of all sports at SDSU,” Hinks said. “The opportunity to follow this growth has created many lasting friendships for me.”

Construction and renovation began at First Bank & Trust Arena earlier this summer and the project is expected to last two years. Significant funding has already been generated by private donors and industry partners. The arena project is part of the SDSU Foundation’s Bold & Blue Campaign, which is the largest comprehensive campaign in the history of South Dakota State University.

About First Bank & Trust Arena: The renovation and expansion of the First Bank & Trust Arena will include premium seating and hospitality areas, video screens, locker rooms, team rooms, sports training facilities, a university center and other amenities to enhance the event experience for all fans. For more information on how you can invest in this one-of-a-kind venue, please contact the Athletics Development Office or the SDSU Foundation.

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