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Governor Laura Kelly announces $ 4 million in block grants for community development to promote job retention for small businesses

Governor Laura Kelly today announced the third round of Community Development Grant Coronavirus Response Supplement (CDBG-CV) grants, distributing nearly $ 4 million to 25 Kansas communities to promote retention of businesses for small businesses affected by the pandemic.

“Kansas continues to experience record economic success, creating jobs and business investment at historic levels,” Governor Kelly said. “These grant funds will support that momentum by ensuring that Kansas small businesses can maintain their workforce. We will continue to focus the strategic investments that will create a stronger, more resilient economy to help Kansas businesses and families succeed. “

CDBG-CV is administered by the Kansas Department of Commerce. The two previous grant cycles in this category have rewarded cities and counties with projects relating to economic development and meal programs. However, unlike in previous cycles, these grants are available specifically to ensure the retention of Kansas businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

“Kansas’ economic recovery is a crucial step for a true return to normal life,” Lieutenant Governor and Commerce Secretary David Toland said. “By focusing specifically on financing economic development, we are ensuring that businesses and employees do not have to bear the brunt of an unprecedented pandemic. I’m happy to know that these funds will help the Kansans keep their jobs.

The following communities are recipients of the CDBG-CV awards.

CDBG funds are one of the Kansas Department of Commerce’s primary tools to support the state’s small, predominantly rural communities. The CDBG-CV grants are part of the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) state allocation and are designed to help Kansas communities meet the needs of their residents and businesses during the state reopening phase.

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About the Kansas Department of Commerce

As the state’s premier economic development agency, the Kansas Department of Commerce strives to empower individuals, businesses, and communities to achieve prosperity in Kansas. Commerce accomplishes its mission by developing relationships with businesses, site location consultants, and stakeholders in Kansas, the country and around the world. Our strong partnerships allow us to help create an environment for existing Kansas businesses to grow and foster an innovative and competitive landscape for new businesses. Thanks to the success of Commerce projects, Kansas in 2021 was awarded Regional development magazine prestigious Gold shovel award and was named Site selection magazine Better business climate in the northwestern region of the United States.

About the Community Development Division

Established in 2019, the Kansas Department of Commerce’s Community Development Division exists to improve the quality of life in communities across the state through a variety of programs and services. The Kansas Department of Commerce understands the immense role that strong communities play in economic development and prioritizes investments in people and communities as major contributors to the overall strength of the Kansas economy. To learn more, visit Community development page on the Kansas Commerce website.

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