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Hispanic Business Student Association Hosts 42nd Annual ‘Company Night’ with Over 350 Attendees – The Daily Texan

The Hall of Honors teems with eager students in suits, resumes and business cards in hand, as they stop in front of the blue booths to speak with recruiters.

The Hispanic Business Student Association held its 42nd annual corporate party in the McCombs Atrium and Hall of Honors on Tuesday. Held the day before the McCombs Career Expo, this event offered students the opportunity to practice talking to company recruiters about internships and career opportunities.

With more than 180 members according to their website, the Hispanic Business Student Association remains one of UT’s top student organizations, and junior accountant Anthony Romero said HBSA gives students the opportunity to develop professional skills that will help them in their career search, giving students the tools they need to succeed in the business world.

“Our goal is to help students grow professionally and find a sense of community,” Romero said. “We do workshops with different companies, learn interview tips, and overall help new students…better (transition) to (life in) Austin.”

Romero, one of the organizers, took on the responsibility of organizing the event, which included reaching out to companies via email, phone calls and LinkedIn. Romero said he and other HBSA agents began planning for this event over the summer. With the help of eight other board members and three presidents, Romero said he was able to attract more than 60 companies and 350 students to the event,

“We’ve been working on Company Night since June, … figuring out all the logistics and everything,” Romero said. “It was the first time in person since 2019, so we had to adjust what we can and can’t do.”

Lesly Muñoz, sophomore business student and marketing intern for Company Night, said the large scale of the event makes it a unique opportunity for students to network.

You think the corporate world is white-dominated, but it’s empowering to see your community uplifting each other and other HBSA alumni as recruiters”

— Lesly Munoz

“Company Night is the largest student-run job fair anyone can attend, and it provides a more holistic view of other companies,” Muñoz said. “It’s a more relaxed setting for students to talk more in depth to recruiters and make personal connections. Freshmen and sophomores use it as practice for recruiting and (getting) their name known.

Kaline Martinez, a sophomore in business, said Company Night provides an inclusive environment for Hispanic and first-generation students to see themselves in places of success in the business world.

“As the number of first-generation students grows, representation becomes more important — not just for Hispanic students, but for all POC students,” Martinez said. “We need encouragement to go out there and look for opportunities.”

Martinez expressed his gratitude to the Hispanic Business Student Association because of the resources it provides, such as Company Night.

“I know I can always ask anyone in HBSA for help and (they) will give me resources to help me succeed,” Martinez said. “Thanks to HBSA, I know what I want in a company, and they have helped me grow.”

Muñoz also said that Company Night inspired her as a Hispanic student at McCombs and encouraged her to more confidently pursue a career in business.

“You think the corporate world is white-dominated, but it’s empowering to see your community uplifting each other and other HBSA alumni as recruiters,” Muñoz said. “Seeing other people accomplish what you want to do is motivating; (it) encourages you to do more.