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Homeless man arrested for second degree assault after altercation, stabbed in business

COLORADO SPRINGS – A homeless man has been arrested for second degree assault after an altercation that led to a stabbing at a business in Westside Colorado Springs.

“A homeless man came in and tried to charge his phone. He was asked to leave very politely, he had an argument with the owner, and the situation escalated from there,” said Joanna McIntosh, manager general of RM Window Tint and Graphics.

The homeless man allegedly pulled a knife and the owner was able to grab the knife and stab the assailant.

“He had a big blow. He had two black eyes, four stitches on his nose because it was a pretty deep gash, but Bob is doing really well,” McIntosh said.

McIntosh was not in the office at the time of the altercation, but she was not surprised to hear what happened.

“They sleep right outside our gate at night. I’ve seen a few pull on the gates trying to get in. They’re behind the fence, we have locks on all the fences around the building but they still get They are sleeping in the back of our building, they are sleeping down the hill from our building. It’s a nightmare, “McIntosh said.” Lots of trash, there was candle wax on the outside of the front door because they were just sitting there burning candles all night there was vomit and cans of beer. “

When it comes to handling these types of situations, experts say it’s important to refrain from making assumptions about the threat.

“You are dealing with a population of people who have many problems and who do not treat information in the same way. Having that dialogue with them and assuming that they’re going to behave and act the same way you would is one of the first things you need to let go. You have to say I don’t know what’s going to happen when I say no, do I see abnormal behavior, and how does that person react when I say no, ”said Dave Lund, Master Instructor with Tactical Training Academy. “We also allow our nonverbs to escape, so how do you feel inside. He might be homeless in this particular case, and you had some issues and so you are in. anger at that person inside and you let that anger escape through your facial muscles and other nonverbal cues. “

Lund recently completed a de-escalation training course with a local homeless organization. He recommends three steps to help defuse a situation.

“The first step is to have a plan. What do we do if a person walks through the door and wants to use our power? The second step is to be aware and pay attention to what is going on around you. This means that you are not with your phone in front of you. You should look around, you can avoid a lot of problems by being careful. If you have a plan and you are careful, the next logical step is to take action on what you are observing. This is when we come back to this abnormal behavior, ”Lund said.

While this incident was not the first at RM Window tint and Graphics, McIntosh says it was one of the most violent. She hopes that steps will be taken to reduce the growing number of homeless people in the region.

“It worries me because we have customers coming in and waiting. We have the customers’ cars here that we are responsible for, so if homeless people break into the cars, it could be any of our customers. here and throws a fit and we have kids in the lobby. It worries me in that regard, ”said McIntosh.

Police said the homeless man was arrested for second degree assault and are still investigating the incident.

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