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I have visited the “World’s Best Business Class” on Qatar’s Boeing 777-200LR and I can see why people shell out thousands of dollars to experience it.

  • Airline ranking website Skytrax has named Qatar Airways the best airline in the world for 2022, based on passenger votes.

  • The carrier also won the award for the best business class in the world, in particular its QSuite.

  • I have visited the luxury product and see why people pay for the extra space, comfort and amenities.

Doha-based Qatar Airways was recently named the world’s best airline for the third consecutive year by airline ranking website Skytrax.

Insider visited one of Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787 Dreamliners at the 2022 Farnborough International Airshow.Stephen Jones/Business Insider

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The carrier, which has won seven times since the awards began in 1999, has been praised for its outstanding onboard product, customer service, cleanliness and food.

Qatar Airways A350.

Qatar Airways A350.Jaromir Chalabala/Shutterstock

Of all Qatar’s cabins, its most popular and luxurious premium option is its QSuite business class, which has been named the best in the world by Skytrax.

Qatar Airways QSuite business class product.

Taylor Rains / Insider

I spent $14,000 on Qatar Airways Qsuites business class and saw why it’s called the ‘best in the world’

The carrier has installed the cabin on several of its Boeing 777-200LR, Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A350-900. All of the airline’s A350-1000s have a QSuite.

Qatar's special FIFA livery on its Boeing 777-200LR.

Qatar’s special FIFA livery on its Boeing 777-200LR.Taylor Rains / Insider

The QSuite-equipped aircraft flies multiple routes between the United States and Doha, such as New York-JFK, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas/Fort Worth, flying more than 14 hours nonstop.

Qatar Airways Flight from Doha, Qatar to London Boeing 777-300ER — Qatar Trip 2021

Flying on a Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER in Doha.Thomas Pallini/Insider

I flew ‘world’s best business class’ on Qatar Airways just before the COVID-19 pandemic shook up the airline industry and changed the world as we know it.

I visited the QSuite on the Boeing 777-200LR from Qatar to New York-JFK which was painted in a special FIFA livery – take a look

Standing on the stairs leading to Qatar's Boeing 777-200LR.

Taylor Rains / Insider

The revolutionary QSuite has been in service since June 2017 and is a major upgrade to its former business class product, which is seen on its A330s and several 777s.

View of Qatar QSuite from the driveway.

Qatar Qsuite.Taylor Rains / Insider

Source: qatarairways

The old cabin is configured in a 2x2x2 layout, which means that passengers seated near the window do not have direct access to the aisle and there is less privacy between neighbors.

Former Qatar Airways business class with the aisle seat in a reclining position.

The former Qatar Airways business class on an Airbus A330.Taylor Rains / Insider

Source: qatarairways

Qatar also has reverse chevron business class on its A350-900, A380 and 787 aircraft which are more on par with QSuite, but still lack some unique amenities.

Qatar's business class seat on its Boeing 787.

Qatar Airways Boeing 787 business class.Thomas Pallini/Insider

Qatar Airways’ glamorous new business class suite travels the world aboard its new aircraft, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner – take a look

Like the 787 Business Class, QSuite is configured in a 1x2x1 configuration, meaning all passengers have direct aisle access.

Qatar QSuite.

Taylor Rains / Insider

But, instead of reclining the seats, most QSuite seats all face forward. Although some seats are rear-facing, which might be an odd feeling for travellers.

Qatar QSuite rear-facing seat.

Qatar QSuite rear-facing seat.Taylor Rains / Insider

However, there is a retractable wall between the lounge chairs that face each other, creating a quad-style seating arrangement.

Qatar QSuite sliding door to create a quadruple suite.

Taylor Rains / Insider

The layout is perfect for dining together, watching FIFA Football or having business meetings.

A view of the door opened to create the quadruple suite.

A view of the door retracted to create the quadruple suiteTaylor Rains / Insider

The QSuite also comes with several luxurious amenities, including sliding privacy doors that completely envelop the suite…

Qatar QSuite

The door will slide to fully enclose the suite.Taylor Rains / Insider

…a large flat-screen TV…

Flat screen televisions in the QSuite.

Taylor Rains / Insider

…a touch screen remote control…

Me holding the QSuite remote.

Taylor Rains / Insider

…a hook and a reading light…

Reading lamp and coat hook in the QSuite.

Taylor Rains / Insider

…a soft pillow and bed linen…

QSuite sheets.

Taylor Rains / Insider

…plenty of power ports and a button panel to adjust the seat…

QSuite power ports and buttons.

Taylor Rains / Insider

…a large foldable tray table…

QSuite tray.

Taylor Rains / Insider

…a spacious storage space next to the seat…

QSuite storage unit.

Taylor Rains / Insider

…privacy dividers between the middle seats…

QSuite center seat dividers.

Taylor Rains / Insider

…and lots of leg room. I’m 5’3″, but most passengers should settle into the seat easily.

QSuite legroom.

Taylor Rains / Insider

Trying out the flat-lying capabilities, I found the padding to be very comfortable, and at 6’7″ long, the bed is easily long enough to accommodate taller travellers.

Lying on the QSuite bed.

Taylor Rains / Insider

I liked the different ways to adjust the seat, which could be fully upright or reclined…

Qatar QSuite Seating

Taylor Rains / Insider

… or completely flat.

Lay flat Qatar QSuite.

Taylor Rains / Insider

Travelers will also benefit from a nice set of pajamas and slippers for optimal comfort.

Qatar FIFA brand pajamas.

Qatar FIFA brand pajamas.Taylor Rains / Insider

My only complaint about the cabin is that it felt a bit packed when standing outside the seat, probably due to the height of the walls and privacy doors.

Qatar QSuite.

Taylor Rains / Insider

But, once inside, the cocoon is cozy and comfortable.

Me sitting inside the QSuite.

Taylor Rains / Insider

After hearing about the cabin for years and finally seeing it in person, I can see why people are shelling out thousands for the QSuite.

Qatar QSuite.

Taylor Rains / Insider

Unique quad seats are a huge plus, especially for business travelers, and privacy doors are important for deep-pocketed guests.

A Qsuite Quad.

A Qsuite Quad.qatarairways

I hope one day I will travel to the coveted QSuite to see if it really lives up to the hype.

Qatar QSuite.

Taylor Rains / Insider

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