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Kosi Stobbs Launches Public Real Estate Investing Course, Economic News

Kosi Stobbs has launched her first online course titled “Mastery of the Canadian Real Estate Investor”. Kosi is a seasoned real estate investor in the Vancouver area.

Kosi Stobbs, Owner of Property Owl Group Of Companies, is an accomplished entrepreneur and real estate investor located in the Vancouver area of ​​Canada. He recently published his first online course titled “Mastery of the Canadian Real Estate Investor”. Real estate can be an incredibly reliable and lucrative investment option and a way to build wealth when the basics are understood.

Kosi has created a “6 week hands-on training where you will learn how to invest in Canadian real estate and live off your income without going bankrupt.” It is aimed at anyone wishing to gain knowledge about expanding their real estate and property portfolio, whether they are a seasoned buyer investing in a vacation home or a first-time buyer diving into the real estate industry. ‘real estate for the first time. The course is divided into four different sections and explains the terminology and key strategies needed to become a successful real estate investor in Canada. The course is available on Kosi’s website,

Kosi has already published her first book, “F $ CK BROKE: Let’s Get Rich”, and is now looking to further share her real estate knowledge and expertise with the public. He wants the average person to understand their real estate opportunity and provide the tools necessary to achieve their financial goals by buying and selling properties.

About Kosi Stobbs

Kosi Stobbs is a first generation Canadian who made a name for himself by saving, investing and spending his money wisely. He owns several seven- and eight-figure companies through Property Owl Group Of Companies, is a real estate investment mogul and serial entrepreneur, has been named among Canada’s 40 Under 40 and forty under 40 from Vancouver in 2020, and is now the author of his first Millionaires Manifesto, F $ CK BROKE: GET RICH. Stobbs is still in the process of buying companies.

Contact information:
Name: Kosi Stobbs
Email: send an email
Organization: Property Owl Group of Companies
Address: 20800 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC V6V 2W3, Canada

Version number: 89037199

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