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Man share joy booking business class tickets for parents desi people understand pride

For India’s middle class, traveling first class or business class can be a luxury experience. Recently an NRI man shared a sweet story about booking business class tickets for his parents as they traveled from India to the United States, and the thread left many emotional desi kids online.

Gaurav Sabnis, an associate professor living in the United States, took to Twitter to share the joy of finally being able to do this for his hard-working parents. “Feeling more adult,” Sabnis wrote. “Finally able to afford a flight the parents can lay back and sleep in,” he wrote, adding that his parents still thought it was extravagant, but he gave up.

“I’m especially thrilled that Mom is experiencing long-haul international business class travel in a 777 for the first time. She finds joy in the little things in life. She’s going to be like an excited kid when she lands,” Sabnis said. Speaking of his dad, he pointed out that he would just be satisfied after catching up on a good night’s sleep in New York.

Explaining how her mother is a “hardened” traveller, Sabnis added that due to her father’s job as a road bridge engineer, they had to endure many difficult hikes, but she always did it with a “smile on his face”. The proud son explained that since turning 20, “she’s been on all kinds of rough, bumpy, even dangerous trips, often with us 2 kids in tow,” with no complaints. “So she finds that even economy-class air travel is full of things she can be happy about,” he added.

Speaking of long trips to India, Sabnis also reflected on how hard it is for women to not be able to take toilet breaks for hours.

“I still remember as a child I was confused as to why my mum barely drank water during our 16-24 hour bumpy bus rides between Pune and Indore. While I drank water like anything,” he wrote. He admitted to realizing the common problem that many women faced in India with the lack of public toilets on highways in the early 80s and 90s and sometimes even now.

“As a guy, every time the bus stopped (just two or three times) I could and I could just run to the nearest secluded spot and pee. My mom, like any woman, doesn’t you don’t have that luxury in India,” he added.

He added how relieved and happy his mother was when she first traveled to the United States 15 years ago and found it easy to exit onto the freeways and use a service station toilet. “So she could drink water whenever she wanted. Small joys, ”he wrote, emphasizing that she did not need much to feel satisfied.

Continuing the thread, Sabnis said the plan was originally for his birthday in April 2020 when he could have accompanied them on the flight. However, when the pandemic hit, he couldn’t make the plans work.

“Even though 2 years late and without me next to her, I’m so glad she can enjoy a long flight sleeping horizontally,” he wrote, delighted. “And she and I recognize how incredibly lucky and privileged we are to be able to do this,” he proudly concluded.

The thread quickly resonated with many Indians online, who all agreed that coming from a humble background, moving slowly through life when you can finally give back to your parents, is unfiltered joy. While many have thanked Sabnis for doing this for his parents, many have also argued that it’s no “small joy” to be able to roam freely without any worries.

Many more have joined the conversation, hoping to do the same for their parents one day.