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Meadow Heights FFA student turns a project into a business

PATTON, Mo. (KFVS) – Members of Future Farmers of America are known for their farming knowledge, but they also learn life skills and how to be leaders.

A student leader from Meadow Heights makes her dreams come true.

“It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do,” Lydia Whaley said.

Lydia Whaley has dreamed of being in FFA most of her life.

“My parents were in FFA and so were my cousins,” Whaley said.

Whaley grew up on a farm where she learned all about farming. She said she is passionate about several types of agriculture.

“I grow pumpkins over the summer and different things like that, we have about 45 acres of pumpkins that I grow every year, and then I also help out on our beef farm, feeding in the mornings and afternoons” , she said.

Growing these pumpkins is more than a school project, it’s also a business.

“We have ledgers and we put the money and things in them that we give out, but with my pumpkins I hand them over and save them for college and to help pay for my college degree,” she said. declared.

In college, she plans to get a degree in agribusiness, but until then, her focus is on becoming a chapter president and winning more awards.

She said she enjoyed public speaking the most.

“My first year, I was very scared, I didn’t like talking to a lot of people. But my adviser, she always pushed me, she supported me,” she said.

Her award chart shows how much she has grown over the years.

“It was just an absolutely amazing experience, I met so many new people, so many nice people and I met other advisors, people who gave me great advice,” he said. she stated.

She said she was grateful that the FFA gave her more confidence and the tools to succeed.

Now she sets an example for her younger brothers to continue the FFA family tradition.

“My team, my chapter, my community, everyone supports me and it’s absolutely amazing,” she said.

Whaley plans to grow and sell pumpkins even after high school.

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