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My tragic trip to Egypt Air 787-9 Business Class

Oh EgyptAir. Such potential, but such a failure to deliver. My trip from Washington to Cairo presented a new aircraft with an objectively pleasant business class seat. But the soft product left me voiceless.

EgyptAir 787-9 Business Class – A flight to forget

First, the good. EgyptAir deserves credit for its new business class seat, an inverted herringbone configuration that is both attractive and comfortable. The new seat marks a big step forward compared to the Boeing 777 and Airbus A330 business class seats. I couldn’t sleep (blamed on my pre-flight nap and noon ET departure) but the seat was comfortable.

Second, the flight attendants working in the business class cabin were very nice. They were all older, warm and caring women… but they weren’t given much to work with.

EgyptAir is engaged in the theater of hygiene (cost reduction masquerading as a concern for public health) in an important way. Porcelain dishes, glasses and silverware are gone. Meals are served in disposable plastic or aluminum containers. Cups and utensils are plastic. The menus have disappeared. The fresh juices are gone. The espresso is gone. Of course, EgyptAir has always been a dry airline.

One thing flight attendants could have done better is describe the entrances. A flight attendant came before the flight by simply asking: “Beef, chicken or fish”. No further description (and I don’t think they received one, but they could have looked at the meals before turning on the ovens to reheat them).

But it goes further. The food tasted awful too. I ordered fish for my main course and found it to be disgusting… and I’m generally good with most fish prepared before me. I couldn’t even figure out what kind of fish it was, but the fishy smell was overwhelming. The fettuccini pasta below only had a few drops of sauce.

The breakfast was even worse. I was hoping for a hot egg dish, but no. A platter of frozen sandwiches and bread sat in front of me along with sweet yogurt, a bottle of orange juice, and a few pieces of fruit.

Is it business class? The croissant was both almost frozen and stale (I took a bite and spat it out).

Then there was the IFE and wi-fi. The selection of movies was extremely limited and wi-fi was $ 23 per 100MB. Are you serious? Checking my emails would erase more than that… so I was successful.

Don’t get me started on the Cairo lounge situation when I landed (stay tuned for that …)


I think what attracts me is that EgyptAir has so much potential. I praised EgyptAir the last time I flew with the carrier (from London to Cairo). The food used to be good. The presentation too. It is horribly awful right now. Wi-fi could be reasonably priced. Additional film selections could be added. The service is so limited that unless you really want a flatbed to sleep in, I cannot recommend EgyptAir. It is not a business class product.

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