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Ohio University Incoming Class Sets GPA and Diversity Record

Bigger isn’t always better, but in this case it is. As the fall semester is in full swing, preliminary numbers are for this year’s incoming freshman class, and it’s full of new record breaking news. At the top of the list is record academic quality with the highest grade point average recorded in the incoming class and record enrollment in the University’s selective specialization programs. In addition, the OHIO has seen a growth in incoming class diversity, including an increase in the number of Hispanic / Latin American students, a record proportion of African American students, growth of international students, and an increase in the number of Hispanic / Latin American students. record proportion of non-resident students.

Beyond the freshman class, OHIO’s Athens transfer class slightly exceeded the target at 309, and Athens’ retention remained solid at 81.3%. The University also celebrates growth and excellence in several other areas, including the growth of some online programs, registration applications, and the highest GPA ever recorded at the University’s Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, a increased student retention on OHIO regional campuses, and increased enrollment in key professional programs.

Here are some highlights of the numbers:

17% increase in first year student enrollment in Athens

After a smaller incoming 2020 class impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio University freshman class at our residential campus in Athens rebounded to 2019 levels with 3,664 students selecting OHIO for their four-year university career.

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Highest GPA, Largest Honor Class Ever

The incoming class also set a record for the highest average GPA for an incoming class on the Athens campus since the University started tracking GPA metrics, at 3.59. High performing students have been constrained in part by the nationally distinctive and highly selective Honors Tutorial College and the OHIO Honors Program based on experiential learning, both of which have seen record growth in enrollment. Almost 8% of undergraduates enrolled in Athens are now engaged in the OHIO Honors program, and a pilot project is underway to bring the program to regional campuses starting this academic year.

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Increase in the number of Hispanic and African American students

The Athens campus has seen continued growth in the number of incoming students who identify as Hispanic / Latinx and set a record for the percentage of the incoming class who identify as African American at 6.5 percent. The number of African American students has increased by more than 60% year over year.

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The number of incoming international students is climbing

Driven in part by increased domestic recruitment in India, OHIO welcomed more international students to its campus this year, surpassing international enrollments before the pandemic in the freshman class by 28%.

Record growth in undergraduate business and fine arts programs

The OHIO College of Fine Arts has enrolled a record 223 freshmen, continuing a four-year growth trend. The Ohio University College of Business broke enrollment records with 584 new incoming students reporting undergraduate business majors, a 61% year-over-year increase.

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Two colleges of business students

OHIO Sets New Record for Percentage of Non-Resident Students

The University set a new record in the percentage of its incoming class coming from out of state at 16.6% of freshmen. While a significant number of non-resident students come to University from the Midwest or Mid-Atlantic, the incoming class includes students from 34 states, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

The number of graduate studies enrollments on campus is increasing

Overall enrollments in graduate programs have remained almost stable year over year despite the continued effects of the pandemic, with a significant rebound in graduate enrollment on campuses. Interest remains strong in OHIO’s online and hybrid programs, including a new MSc in Project Management, which welcomed its first cohort this fall.

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The retention of regional campuses is climbing

Ohio University’s regional campuses, located in Ironton, Chillicothe, St. Clairesville, Zanesville and Lancaster, have seen increased student retention from their first to second year. Designed to provide access to commuter students and adult learners with an open enrollment approach, OHIO’s regional higher education campuses offer both associate and bachelor’s degrees.

Student sitting in front of the words "Ohio Lancaster University" on the wall
Lancaster campus building

Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine breaks records

OHIO has registered a record number of applications (5,741) to its Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OUHCOM), a national leader in osteopathic medical education. It also set a record for incoming GPA at 3.68. Importantly, 17 percent of the incoming class were the first in their family to earn a bachelor’s degree, and 93 percent of the students were from Ohio. Heritage College of Medicine is the state’s largest provider of primary care physicians.

HCOM students at graduation
HCOM students seated in a crowd

Double-digit growth in online undergraduate programs other than nursing

OHIO’s online undergraduate programs, outside of the great RN at BSN, have grown significantly. Overall, the total number of online non-nursing undergraduate registrations increased by over 12% year over year, continuing a steady rise with growth of nearly 20% over the two last years. OHIO is ranked by as # 1 in the state for online education.

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The total number of enrollments at the University declined slightly to 28,770, in part due to the graduation of a large incoming class in 2017 and a smaller entering class in 2020 which was strongly affected by the pandemic. Nonetheless, school perseverance held steady at 81.3%, and it was a record year. It is clear that OHIO’s high-quality academic programming and focus on delivering experience-based learning with a lifetime return on investment is attracting more students ready to be part of the community. from OHIO.

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