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Pranav Nandwani | London Business School

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    Full-time Master in Finance

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Education: Bachelor of Technology

Financial sector : Investment management

Previous or current role: Quantitative equity strategist, CRISIL

About me: Pranav is from northern India and is an avid football fan and car enthusiast. He hiked several trails, including the world’s tallest motorable pass, Khardung Pass, Leh, India (18,379ft).

Professionally, he always wanted to work at the confluence of technology and finance, which is why, after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in engineering, he began his career at Deloitte with a specialization in the financial services industry. In order to become more involved in the capital markets, he quickly made the transition from consulting to investment management. He worked with CRISIL Ltd. (S&P Company) as a quantitative equity strategist for three years, then joined LBS’s Masters of Finance program to deepen his knowledge and acquire tools that could help him excel in the same industry.

He is truly passionate about quantitative investing and is a strong supporter of quantum investing. He is also a CFA charter holder and an active member of CFA India & UK. Having a solid foundation and extensive industry experience, he remains deeply interested in the asset management and hedge fund industry.

Contact: [email protected]