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Russian missiles hit base in western Ukraine near Poland: official

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  • Russian missiles hit a military base in the Lviv region, Mayor Andriy Sadovyi said.
  • The International Peacekeeping and Security Center is a large base where international military exercises are held.
  • It is located about 15 miles from Poland, where the United States has deployed troops to support NATO forces.

Russian forces on Sunday launched up to eight missiles at a military base in western Ukraine, according to the mayor of Lviv.

Andriy Sadovyi said in a Facebook Publish Russia attacked the International Peacekeeping and Security Center, also known as the Yavoriv Military Firing Range, located in Yavoriv in the Lviv region, about 15 miles from the border with Poland, a country member of NATO and the European Union.

Sadovyi said information about potential victims would be announced later.

The IPSC is a large military base where international military exercises are held. According to The American armythe base’s Yavoriv combat training center was modeled after standard NATO combat training centers. The New York Times reported foreign troops, including Americans, were participating in training at the base.

The attacks near the Polish border came after Russia warned the United States on Saturday that “pumping Ukraine with weapons from a number of countries orchestrated by them is not just a dangerous move, but these are actions that turn the corresponding convoys into legitimate targets”.

Later that day, the White House announced that President Joe Biden had authorized $200 million in defense assistance for Ukraine, including weapons, equipment, military education and training. This is in addition to the $13.6 billion in emergency humanitarian and military assistance to Ukraine that the US Senate approved earlier this week as part of a 1.5 government funding bill. trillion dollars.

The United States also has troops stationed in Poland to support NATO forces. Biden said the United States would not deploy troops to Ukraine but would “defend every square inch of NATO territory.”

The IPSC is also located about 50 kilometers from the city of Lviv, the largest city in western Ukraine which some people from the eastern regions have traveled to flee the fighting.

Explosions on the outskirts of Lviv were also heard by reporters on the ground early Sunday morning, including journalists from CNN. It is unclear whether these attacks were separate from the attacks near the IPSC.