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Schools invited to integrate well-being into the programs

MADRID, Spain — Academic institutions offering entrepreneurship programs are encouraged to embed wellbeing into the curriculum to empower business owners and leaders to build resilience and create greater impact.

That’s the recommendation of Lisa Bevill, Academic Director of the Center for Health, Wellbeing and Happiness at Spanish University IE, which this year launched an introductory wellbeing course for students in its programs. control as part of its desire to innovate. its approach to education by providing skills to enable students to not only survive, but thrive in the midst of challenges.

Bevill told reporters on the sidelines of the 2022 South Summit that wellbeing, which has become a hot topic especially during the pandemic, is relevant in entrepreneurship.

“If you think about entrepreneurs, you have to work hard, you have to push forward, you have to have determination,” she said.

While hard work and determination are important, she said taking care of your well-being is also key to succeeding in entrepreneurship.

“By cultivating wellness, we can cultivate greater resilience,” she said.

At IE University, she said she defined wellness around the core principles of balance, appreciation and perspective.

“It’s an overall state of contentment in life acknowledging there’s a challenge,” she said, adding that it involves creating a balance between mental, emotional and physical health.

She said appreciation is about recognizing one’s strength and potential impact on the ecosystem, while perspective is about being able to handle day-to-day challenges and at the same time think beyond yourself and look ahead. long term.

The Wellness and Practice course at IE University focuses on raising awareness of the concept of wellness and cultivating practices on the body or physical health, mind and soul or sense of aim.

Bevill recommends including wellness in entrepreneurship programs given the many challenges businesses will face.

“Entrepreneurship is not a straight line. You bend. There are a lot of challenges,” she said.

By cultivating well-being and having an abundance of positive emotions, she said entrepreneurs would have better interactions and connections, which would pave the way for greater creativity.

She said it would help overcome disappointments and come back after a challenge, both of which are essential to entrepreneurship.

In contrast, poor health decreases a person’s cognitive ability to connect with other people, think long-term, and build resilience.

“Often in society, especially for entrepreneurs, they know they are important, but they rush off without thinking that I have to be good for others and people look up to me,” she said. .

Co-organized by IE University, the South Summit brings together key players in the innovation ecosystem such as startups, companies, investors and institutions, with the aim of generating connections and business opportunities.