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Scranton business owner providing health care training and services

A Philadelphia woman who moved to Lackawanna County during the pandemic says she found her purpose in filling some health care gaps in the area.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Chaè Rucker showed us around the classroom inside Compassionate Care.

It’s the business she runs in South Scranton. It offers CPR courses, first aid and some laboratory services. When she’s not around, Rucker is on the road providing these services herself.

Chaè Rucker, owner of Compassionate Care Phlebotomy and Medical LLC, says, “Being able to provide this service in an environment that is comfortable for that person, especially in a home, makes them more soothing and calm.

Rucker leads to anyone who may not be able to afford a doctor’s office. Ensure that everyone has access to health care in a safe environment.

“When you meet a minority, you’re more comfortable talking about certain things from your past, your history, or even your health,” Rucker explained.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in a parking lot or in your living room, it provides medical testing at little or no cost. Reaching low-income patients who do not have insurance.

“There were times when even I didn’t have medical insurance or struggled to pay for certain types of medical care. Or I’ve been afraid to call 911 in an emergency because I’m worried about how much the ambulance bill will be,” Rucker says.

Through Rucker’s business, she is also able to diversify into the medical field.

She mentioned, “Growing up, I don’t remember seeing many minority faces when it came to doctors and nurses taking care of me personally or any of my family members.”

And Rucker is training the next generation of medical assistants, helping them find jobs after they complete their course.

Nursing student Jazzmeen Autry shares, “I thought I wasn’t the kind of person and didn’t know anything about being a phlebotomist until I watched her do everything she learned to do. make.”

Rucker’s goal is to nurture his new community while encouraging others to do the same.

Rucker says, “What better way to help the community than to help train and gain knowledge.”

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