Skyborne Airline Academy acquires Redbird MCX training simulators

VERO BEACH, Florida – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Skyborne Academy Vero Beach, a modern aviation training academy offering a new approach to pilot training, is proud to announce the addition of two Redbird MCX training simulators to its program. Representing the PA28 and PA44 aircraft, Skyborne will integrate these simulators into its FAA and UKCAA training programs next month, pending certification.

The Redbird MCX provides an enhanced training experience for flight students and professional crews. It features a dual loading yoke and dual rudder system for simultaneous pilot and co-pilot control, wraparound visuals and quick-change cockpit configurations to provide the best quality training for future pilots.

“At Skyborne, we aspire to be the most trusted aviation training academy through an unprecedented training approach that addresses the gaps in the airline industry,” said Lee Woodward, CEO of Skyborne. “This includes investing in state-of-the-art equipment, like the Redbird MCX training simulators, to ensure our cadets receive top-notch training that will continuously propel them to the next step in their careers.

There is a critical demand for professional pilots as the aviation industry faces a pilot shortage that is expected to increase in the years to come. The Redbird MCX was created to teach students how to fly safely and efficiently, alone or with someone else in the cockpit, by putting students in real life crew resource management situations. This type of training is essential for pilots to be equipped with the right skills to fill the current talent gaps facing the industry.

About Skyborne Airline Academy

Skyborne Airline Academy is a modern aviation training academy based at Gloucestershire Airport in the UK and Vero Beach in the US. Created by industry experts, Skyborne brings a new approach to airline pilot training.

Founders Tom Misner (Chairman), Lee Woodward (CEO) and Ian Cooper (COO) have unparalleled experience in commercial aviation, education and training. It is their vision to create a training environment where the highest level of education, safety and relevant airline style training is maintained, and interactive learning is encouraged.

Using a combination of proven methods and the latest technology to assess skills, aptitude, aptitude and resilience, Skyborne aims to recruit the best candidates to minimize additional training, reduce failure rates and provide airlines better pilots and cabin crews.

In January 2019, Skyborne was named a premier training provider for IndiGo, India’s largest passenger airline.

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