Student athlete crushed to death in elevator crash

Bryson Grove is devastated by the death of his teammate. The young man was killed Tuesday in an elevator accident at a student housing building in Atlanta.

“We knew something like this was going to happen someday,” he told FOX 5’s Deidra Dukes, “we didn’t know it was going to cost one of our teammates the life.”

Grove and other residents have complained about the elevators malfunctioning here since moving into student accommodation last month. Other residents said they were also concerned that the only elevator that served the entire building could be unsafe. Their worst fears came true on Tuesday when Grove’s teammate was killed.

Bryson Grove, pictured above, says he is devastated after one of his Champion Prep Academy teammates was killed in an elevator crash (FOX 5 Atlanta).

“He was one of our teammates, our brothers, our closest friends.” Grove said.

Firefighters responded to 444 Student Housing Suites on Highland Avenue in northeast Atlanta just after 3 p.m. after the elevator collapsed and the victim was stranded between the second and third floors. Doctors transported him to Atlanta Medical Center where he died of his injuries.

444 Student Housing Suites for Champion Academy on Highland Avenue in northeast Atlanta, where a student died in an elevator accident (FOX 5 Atlanta).

444 Student Housing Suites for Champion Prep Academy on Highland Avenue in northeast Atlanta, where a student died in an elevator accident (FOX 5 Atlanta).

The unidentified man, in his twenties, recently moved to Atlanta to attend Champion Prep Academy and pursue his dreams.

“Just a bunch of guys from all over the United States,” Grove said. “Trying to have that extra chance to go to college and play football.”

Lexus Law owns a business here and says the failed elevator was in constant use, after the only other elevator in the building broke about three months ago.

“It’s constant wear and tear on the elevator,” Law said.

Inspectors from the state insurance commissioner’s office were on site Wednesday to determine why the elevator failed.

The agency is responsible for inspecting elevators in Georgia. A spokesperson issued a written statement saying:
“We can confirm that the license to operate the elevators at this location expired in August 2020. Inspections are required by state law to be performed on an annual basis and it is the responsibility of the building owner to request this annual inspection at our office. We have no record of such a request from this building. “

We were unable to reach the owner of the building for comment.

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