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Sykesville MD Business Training – Launch of the Sandler Business Strategy Program

McDonell Consulting Group launched the Sandler Sales Foundation course. The program teaches customers in Sykesville, Maryland how to optimize their sales strategy using the proven Sandler sales system.

McDonell Consulting Group, a business training company, announced the launch of the Sandler Sales Foundations program for clients in Sykesville, MD. The Sandler Sales methodology was developed in 1967 by David Sandler, and the system has been taught to over a million salespeople.

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The launch of the Sandler Sales Foundations program aims to help current and future salespeople in Sykesville, MD, develop their sales skills with a proven sales methodology.

Although millions of Americans work in sales, many have not received any formal training. The widespread lack of sales training results in the use of intuitive sales strategies that are often suboptimal.

Unlike traditional sales, the Sandler Sales system teaches salespeople to play the role of a consultant rather than a sales representative. This indirect approach has proven to be effective, as those who have received Sandler training meet their sales quotas 50% more often than their peers.

The Sandler Sales Foundations 10-Lesson Course corrects common misconceptions and helps customers revise their sales strategy.

The training begins with an introduction to the 7-step sales methodology and teaches customers how to apply the system to their field. As the Sandler System prioritizes relationship building, clients learn a variety of effective strategies for building trust and maintaining clear communication.

In the program, clients gain an in-depth understanding of consumer psychology. Sandler instructors teach customers why people buy, which helps them refine their sales strategy.

Customers are also the subject of personal reflection to identify and correct errors in their own business approach. Additionally, the program helps sellers refine their prospecting strategy and make their sales presentations more compelling by highlighting the immediate benefits of their product.

For those who need additional information, free trial sessions are available.

A satisfied customer said, “Chris, Keith and the rest of the MCG team are incredible leaders, trainers and mentors. You couldn’t find a more qualified team for your sales and leadership training. Their Sales Foundations course transformed my attitude, behaviors and techniques.

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Name: Kristine McDonell
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Organization: McDonell Consulting Group / Sandler Training
Address: 809 Gleneagles Ct. Suite 111, Towson, Maryland 21286, USA
Phone: + 1-410-339-5168

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