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Taika Waititi’s business class fiasco shows why you should never travel with kids

Anyone who knows Taika Waititi will know how funny the Oscar-winning filmmaker is – best known for directing Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder – is.

And anyone who follows Waititi on instagram will be aware of his “Dads On Tour” messages. If you’re unfamiliar, Waititi basically hilariously documents his travels with his two daughters.

In the latest episode of dads on tourWaititi is heading to London with her children and they are all about to board their plane.

At first, the Waititi children seem excited to travel; Te Hinekāhu, Waititi’s eldest daughter, says she feels “good” and Matewa Kiritapu, Waititi’s youngest, smiles and waves to the camera.

WATCH: Taika Waititi’s latest ‘Dads On Tour’ post.

But then the Waititi footage switches to a close-up of Matewa looking very unhappy during the flight.

Waititi explains with the video’s caption that “she’s pissed off because her little kid fingers can’t get the TV to work.” He also points out that she should “cheer her spirits” because she is in “BUSINESS CLASS [For f*ck’s sake]”.

Waititi finally notes that he’s “saving it next time” before the camera pans to him and he laughs heartily at how frustrated Matewa is with his in-flight entertainment.

Of course, Waititi probably won’t be subjecting his kids to economics in the future, he’s just laughing at how ridiculously hard it is to please kids sometimes.

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