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Telford School opens £ 3.5million trading block named in honor of former Head Boy

New £ 3.5million Reynolds Building – New Business and Career Center at Thomas Telford School

Students and staff celebrated the opening of the new center which has been named The Reynolds Building in honor of former student Dr Aidan Reynolds who competed in the javelin for Shropshire.

A former member of the Telford Athletics Club Aidan, from Randlay, rose to fame after helping light the Olympic flame at the London Games Opening Ceremony in 2012.

During an official ceremony to mark the opening of the site’s building extension, in Old Park, a wall exhibition dedicated to his achievements was also unveiled.

Thomas Telford Principal Sir Kevin Satchwell said: “We wanted to name the building after a student who embodied what the school represents and offers to all students.

Dr Aidan Reynolds

“The decision to ask Aidan if we could call him ‘Reynolds Building’ was unanimous among teachers.

“We are all proud of all he has accomplished and hope that many more students will follow in his footsteps.”

At the event, which was attended by President of School Governors John Bowater, Aidan and his family, Sir Kevin explained that the former sixth alumnus embodied the school’s philosophy. He said the special wall display, illustrating Aidan and his accomplishments, will be visible to students and staff now and in the future.

The academy said he was an outstanding student during his time there, having joined seventh year in 2006, and left after his final year in 2012, achieving outstanding grades at GCSE and A-level.

He was known to be an “exceptionally determined and motivated” student who excelled academically as well as being an exceptional sportsman and performer on stage. He was also elected chief prefect by his classmates.

Aidan Reynolds carries the Olympic torch into the arena

Outside of school life, he represented Great Britain in the favelins and following his sporting exploits, he was invited to light the cauldron at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games, at 18 years, in front of a crowd of 70,000 people and watched by millions on television around the world.

After that he studied physics at University College Oxford and got a first class Masters in Physics and recently he got a PhD in Particle Physics.

The school added that they were “incredibly proud” of him and hoped this mark of achievement would inspire other students to follow his example and strive for success in whatever path they decided to take. .

The impressive school extension was completed last September and was built as part of the facility expansion to meet student demand for business-related courses including economics and accounting.

These subjects will complement students’ studies as they progress through apprenticeships, training programs, jobs and continuing education.

The school had initially considered purchasing the nearby cadastre site, but changed its mind.

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