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In this week’s SportsMoney Playbook: The aspiring NBA mogul, the momentum NIL and the changing landscape of Nascar. The plus: the most popular franchises over the past 20 years.


This transfer window could be particularly quiet because premier league clubs find their workforce exhausted by the Covid-19. During this time, FIFA seeks to reform the transfer market and football’s most powerful agents are ready to fight.

New research reveals that friendlies are susceptible to match-fixing, a major concern as the betting market grows.

ASPIRE, a sports technology company that analyzes muscle performance data to prevent injury, has a growing list of customers, including Leicester City.

Car race

Richard Petit‘s Nascar the team sold a controlling stake and its two charters last month; Petty tells us how the introduction of the Next Gen car influenced the decision. The impact of the new car is really being felt throughout the Nascar landscape, as it increases the demand for charter flights.


The resurgence of golf in 2020 continued through 2021 and the Jersey City experience National Liberty Golf Club indicates that the boom could last beyond the pandemic.

University sport

Female athletes have been big beneficiaries of college sports name, image and likeness reform in 2021, with the cryptocurrency exchange FTX end the year by offering a deal to all Florida State softball team and fan-driven fundraising platform CrowdPush in partnership with the Alabama female gymnastics team. NIL momentum also increases at the secondary level; a California junior quarterback recently became the first high school football player to take the plunge.

Paralympic Games

Male snowboarders with upper limb impairments are ready to compete in the Beijing Paralympic Games in March, but the SB-UL class was withdrawn from the women’s program. An American pro is mounting an 11th-hour effort to change that.

Sports affairs

Pickleball saw its number of players increase by 21% in the United States in 2021, and lacrosse gained momentum in Florida. Women’s volleyball, meanwhile, is looking to build on a record year.

Fanatics has a case to buy Topps, but antitrust regulators could still intervene.

Featured story

Suns goalie Devin Booker turned his seven NBA seasons into a crash course in business, and now he’s starting to put those lessons into practice, taking stakes in seven startups and rolling up his sleeves as a co-owner of one. sports drink. He has already impressed Magic Johnson. Learn about the burgeoning business interests of the recent 30 Under 30 winner.

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After further examination

The Golden State Warriors have led the explosion in sports team valuations over the past two decades, rising 3,300% to $ 5.6 billion. But No.2 on the list might surprise you: This club was once ranked as the least valuable in MLB. See the full list, and also consult our most recent baseball reviews.

The last word

“Precision is an important thing. Most of the time, we only drive for 30-45 seconds. Amanda Sorensen

When 19-year-old phenomenon Amanda Sorensen is not attending classes at Utah Valley University, she is competing in the Formula Drift series, an action-packed variant of motor racing. With success on the track and a steadily growing fan base – 140,000 Instagram followers and 11 million TikTok views – she just might be the star the sport needs to reach the next level. Find out more about the Sorensen race course.

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