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Think Tank Report Says Higher Education Funding In Virginia Is Unfair And Lacks Transparency | News from local businesses

Virginia Military Institute is close behind, receiving $ 8,000 per full-time student with a student body that is only 14% low-income.

Meanwhile, universities that have a higher proportion of low-income students receive less public funding. Old Dominion receives less than $ 8,000 per student, but its student population is 38% low income. Radford universities receive about $ 7,000 per student, where one in three students is in low income. George Mason receives the least funding from the state, around $ 4,500 per student, but 29% of his students are in low income.

While William & Mary receives a large portion of state funding, some of it serves to bolster an equity mission, a spokesperson for the school said. The coming year’s budget gives William & Mary funds to increase the number of minority faculty underrepresented in its data science program. The university is also seeking state funding to support need-based financial aid for Pell-eligible students.

“While the percentage of William & Mary’s undergraduate Pell recipients in the state compares favorably with that of its peers – highly selective private colleges and universities – the university also remains committed to increasing it,” a declared the spokesperson.

The impact of not helping needy students is significant, Dannenberg said. According to a 2018 New York Times article, 30% of student loan borrowers default, are in arrears, or have stopped paying after six years. Among black students, it’s 49%, Dannenberg said.

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