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Development powerhouse Related Group’s award-winning property management arm manages more than 120 properties in 75 U.S. markets

MIAMI, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FIT Management – the leading developer’s industry-leading property management arm Associated group (Related) – now offers its best services to owners outside the Related portfolio. Founded in 1984, TRG Management’s expansion into third-party management services will enable the company to meet the growing demand for exceptional multi-family housing through the provision of thoughtful, people-focused property management services needed to cultivate thriving communities.

“With an unprecedented need for multi-unit housing in every market in the United States, expanding our property management offerings across the industry is the natural progression of our long-term growth strategy” , said Doreen Jaworski, co-president of TRG Management. “Every member of our team takes pride in building communities everyone can be proud to call home and we look forward to bringing our innovative, flexible and helpful solutions to even more communities across the country.”

For nearly 40 years, TRG Management has provided bespoke property management services for the luxury, workforce, affordable and single-family housing communities developed by Related Group. The company offers a full range of management services, including real estate operations, asset repositioning and management, construction management, IT services and more. Their current portfolio includes over 100 properties housing over 20,000 residences in high-rise, mid-rise, garden-style and mixed-use buildings.

“TRG Management’s 360-degree approach goes far beyond typical property management services; we create experiences and foster diverse and thriving communities,” said Marilyn Pascual, co-president of TRG Management. “Our proven track record of successfully managing accommodations for many different types of income levels and populations that preserve the culture of their respective regions positions us well to expand our portfolio.”

Managed by over 450 team members, TRG Management’s current portfolio includes properties in 75 submarkets such as Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas and Arizona.

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About FIT Management

Founded in 1984, TRG Management is a leading property management company based in South Florida based on thoughtful urban planning, provocative design and inspiring art. Subsidiary of Related Group, florida A leader in the development of sophisticated metropolitan housing and one of the nation’s largest real estate conglomerates, TRG Management manages approximately 20,000 units across multiple states and with a portfolio of over 100 properties. Their expertise serves all types of housing, including subsidized, labor and affordable housing, mid-rises, high-rises, luxury rentals and single-family homes.

About the associated group

Founded in 1979, Related Group is florida leading developer of sophisticated metropolitan living and one of the largest real estate conglomerates in the country. Since its inception, the private company has built, rehabilitated and managed more than 100,000 condominium, rental and commercial units. The company is one of the largest Hispanic-owned companies United States with a development portfolio exceeding $40 billion over 40 years.

Related Group has achieved international status for its visionary designs and development of luxury condominiums, mark-to-market rentals, mixed-use centers and affordable properties – often in emerging neighborhoods that impact the lives of all. demographic groups. Related Group has redefined real estate by diversifying both its products and buyers, expanding internationally while sponsoring public art installations that enhance cities’ culture and global cityscapes. Currently, Related Group has over 90 projects in various stages of development.

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