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Trying to anticipate major AFib events in HCM patients

According to new data published in JACC: clinical electrophysiology.

AFib, including atrial flutter, is commonly seen in patients with HCM and has been associated with adverse cardiovascular outcomes. To learn more about what can lead to AFib in this patient population, the researchers examined data from 2,631 HCM patients who participated in the HCMR trial. Seventy-one percent of the patients were male and the median age was 53.5 years.

The authors defined “major endpoints for AFib” as episodes requiring cardioversion or electrical ablation, episodes resulting in hospitalization longer than 24 hours, or episodes that require clinicians to accept permanent AFib.

Overall, 96 patients achieved a total of 127 major AFib endpoints during the analysis. A total of 24 deaths from various causes were also observed.

Besides, 24 deaths were observed from all causes.

Examining the data, the research team found that advanced age was the greatest predictor of these clinical outcomes. Other factors that can help predict such events include BMI, left atrial volume (LA) index, percentage of LA contraction, moderate or severe mitral regurgitation (RM), and a history of arrhythmia.

Obesity was found to be a greater risk factor in younger patients, the group added.

Factors that put middle-aged and older adult patients at increased risk include: increased LA volume, reduced percentage of LA contraction, and moderate or severe MRI.