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UK Visitors to France Quarterly Reporting Service 2022 – Highlights Key Trends and Provides Essential Information for Marketing and Strategic Planners –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Visitors France United Kingdom” the newsletter has been added to from offer.

This definitive quarterly report highlights market trends for UK visitors to France. The France UK Visitors report is based on analysis of the UK government’s International Passenger Survey (IPS). It provides essential information for marketing and strategic planners.

The report is produced quarterly with trends from previous quarters in clearly presented tables and illustrative graphs. It contains data on market shares by mode of transport as well as profiles by age, gender, place of residence and reason for visit of British residents visiting France.

Main topics covered:

1. Trends in Visits and Spending

2. Comparison with other countries

3. Number of British visitors to France and Europe by mode

4. Gender and age of British resident visitors to France

5. Reason for visits by British residents to France and Europe

6. % share of independent holiday visits by mode in France and Europe

7. UK resident visits to France and Europe by Reason by Nights

8. Visits by UK residents and spending in France by UK region

9. Visits by British residents to France and Europe by mode and reason

10. Sample sizes

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