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UP government launches initiative to revamp nursing and paramedic education

The Uttar Pradesh government will launch “Mission Niramayah” to revamp nursing and paramedic education, officials have said.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday issued guidelines to improve the quality of education in nursing schools across the state.

“Nursing and paramedical staff are the backbone of the health and medical system. In the era of Covid-19, we have all seen and understood their colossal importance. There are immense opportunities for a better career in this field. adjustments to nursing and paramedical training in light of future needs. In such a case, get ready to start ‘Mission Niramayah’ by treating this important task as a campaign,” Yogi said during a meeting with officials from the Department of Medical Education.

CM further ordered to ensure that the requirements before recognizing nursing and paramedical institutions and added: “Only when there are enough teachers and the institute has an infrastructure that meets the required standards that recognition can be granted Institutions which do not meet the standards shall not be recognized at be provided on the portal.

He asked the official for a fair admission test in the institutes.

“CCTV monitoring should be used to watch exams and invigilators should come from another institute. Work in this direction should be done with a better strategy,” CM added.

“Many state institutes are doing a good job, including some private sector institutions. These best practices should also be implemented in other institutions. For this, a mentor-mentee model should be adopted. We must work systematically towards better employment in addition to improving training. In deciding this policy, reputable private hospitals should be consulted. For young people undergoing nursing training, practical experience is crucial,” he said. he adds.

Yogi encouraged young people to career prospects in the nursing and paramedical sectors. “It would be better to take the cooperation of secondary schools for this. The Department of Medical Education and Secondary Education should work in coordination in this regard,” he said.

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