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WhatsApp pushes privacy update to comply with Irish ruling

WhatsApp is adding more details to its privacy policy and flagging this information to European users, after Irish regulators imposed a record fine on the chat service for violating strict EU data privacy rules.

As of Monday, WhatsApp’s privacy policy will be revamped to provide more information about what data it collects and how it is used. The company said it is also explaining in more detail how it protects data shared across borders for its global service and the legal grounds for processing the data.

WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, now renamed Meta Platforms. With the update, European users will see a notification banner at the top of their mailing list that will take them to the new information.

WhatsApp takes action after hit with a record 225 million euros A September fine of $ 267 million imposed by the Irish data privacy watchdog for violating the European Union’s strict data protection rules for transparency regarding the sharing of people’s data with others. other Facebook companies.

The chat service said it does not agree with the ruling, but must comply by updating its policy while it appeals. The update does not affect the way data is managed and users will not have to agree to anything new or take any other action.

The Irish Data Protection Commission is the main privacy regulator for WhatsApp under European Union rules, as its regional headquarters are in Dublin.

WhatsApp was embroiled in a separate privacy controversy earlier this year when it botched a different update to its privacy policy that raised concerns that users would be forced to agree to share more of their data with Facebook. . This update elicited a reaction from users who switched to competing services like Telegram and Signal, a Turkish competition survey watchdog, a temporary german ban on data collection, and a complaint by EU consumer groups.

A six-hour interruption of Facebook services last month highlighted how vital WhatsApp has become for its more than 2 billion users worldwide.